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"No longer will Gungans pound and slave for other Gungs. Weesa will rebuild this place as a city of peace, not war."
―Boss Gallo[1]

Gallo was a male Ankura Gungan from the planet Naboo who lived around 3000 BBY. Gallo was the Boss of the city of Otoh Sancture until it was destroyed in a war between the Gungan tribes while he was out hunting nerfs for the annual Sacred Feast. After meeting rogue Captain Marsune and trading his captured nerfs for glurrg workers, Gallo ran into a militiagung, or Gungan warrior, who informed him that Boss Rogoe, the Gungan warlord who had masterminded the war, was behind the destruction of Otoh Sancture.

Determined to seek justice for the act, Gallo set out to unite the surrounding Gungan tribes against Rogoe and his militia. After Gallo rebuilt the town of Otoh Sancture, he and Marsune, who had decided to join Gallo on his journey, traveled to the cities of Otoh Jahai, Otoh Langua, Otoh Urs, and Otoh Raban to speak with Bosses Tenko, Hantic, Copek, and Hoxie, respectively. After Gallo fulfilled tasks provided by each Boss, the four agreed to join Gallo's cause. Gallo took his forces and, along with bongo submarines acquired from the Gungan manufacturer Bongomeken Collective, attacked Rogoe's city of Spearhead. Once the city and Rogoe's keep were destroyed. Gallo founded a new city in its place called Otoh Gunga. He was a distant ancestor of Boss Rugor Nass, who lived during the later years of the Galactic Republic.


"Each Gungan tribe was always punden da other, but Gallo refused to raisen his arms against hisen fellow Gungans."
―Rugor Nass[1]

Gallo was a male Ankura Gungan who lived[1] around 3000 BBY.[2] He became the Boss of the Gungan settlement Otoh Sancture sometime prior to the war between the Gungan tribes in 3000 BBY. During the war, Gallo refused to join in the fighting, leading some Gungans to wonder who he would join if he decided to fight. Most concerned was Boss Rogoe, the warlord responsible for the war, due to Boss Gallo's immense wealth.[1]

Destruction of Otoh Sancture[]

"No! Mesa People are bein destroyen!"
―Boss Gallo[1]

Gallo meets with Marsune.

As was tradition for Bosses in Gungan culture, Gallo went out to collect some animals for Otoh Sancture's Sacred Feast, using a kaadu, a local bipedal beast, for transportation. While Gallo was hunting for nerfs, Otoh Sancture was attacked by a clan of bursas, quadrupedal semi-sentient beasts . Gallo returned to find the settlement in ruins and his subjects dead. He then proceeded north, just past a river, where he met Captain Marsune in a small base. Gallo traded the nerfs he captured to Marsune for four non-sentient glurrg workers. Gallo set off with the workers to find a suitable area to rebuild Otoh Sancture.[1]

Along the way, Gallo crossed paths with a militiagung, or Gungan warrior, who informed him that the bursas responsible for destroying his village were sent by Boss Rogoe. Gallo swore to avenge his people and set out to rebuild his settlement in an area abundant in nova crystals, ore, food, and trees, which could be used as a source of carbon, as all four of these were necessary resources. After rebuilding Otoh Sancture and raising a small militia, he eliminated the bursas that had decimated the village, as they had created nests in the rubble. After Gallo finished slaughtering the bursas, Marsune appeared, claiming that he would like to see Rogoe fall, and thus he joined Gallo on his journey.[1]

Uniting the tribes[]

"Boss Gallo sleepen well that night because hesa bringen all the Gungan tribes together."
―Boss Nass[1]

Gallo arrives in Otoh Jahai.

Gallo then set out to unite the Gungan tribes to fight against Rogoe. He first visited the city of Otoh Jahai and consulted Boss Tenko, who told Gallo that the city of Otoh Langua had stolen their Sacred Staff. Tenko made Gallo a deal, stating that if Gallo returned the staff, he would contribute some men to Gallo. Upon Gallo's arrival in Otoh Langua, Boss Hantic claimed they did not have the staff but instead promised that if Gallo gave him a thousand nova crystals he would join the fight. Marsune told Gallo that he had heard rumors of a hidden spaceport that might have the nova they needed. After leaving Otoh Langua, they found two paths: one was guarded by Rogoe's army, and the other was a clear path. Gallo and his few men defeated Rogoe's forces and found the Sacred Staff of Otoh Jahai. They then headed back down the road in search of the rumored spaceport. Off to the side of the road they found a small path leading into the woods, which they followed, leading to the discovery of the rumored spaceport guarded by Rogoe's men. They eliminated the opposition and destroyed the spaceport, getting a thousand nova crystals in return.[1]

After returning to Otoh Langua and handing the nova to boss Hantic, Gallo received four Kaadu Cavalry. Next he headed to Otoh Jahai and returned the staff to Boss Tenko, who gave him four heavy troopers. Gallo then embarked for Otoh Urs. Once Gallo arrived, Boss Copek told them to eliminate the nearby bursa clan to convince him to join. After Gallo and his forces destroyed the bursas, Copek gave Gallo four catapults. Gallo immediately took his men to Otoh Raban, but they arrived to discover Boss Hoxie had been kidnapped. The workers there told Gallo that if he rescued the Boss, they would join his cause. Gallo and his militiagungs set out to find Rogoe's stronghold, where Hoxie was being held. Upon their arrival, a battle broke out, and the prisoners inside the facilities rioted, giving Gallo more troops. Gallo was thus successful in rescuing Hoxie, and his efforts were compensated for with four repeater troopers.[1]

Defeating Rogoe[]

"Noah one in all the history of the Gungans had conqueren Spearhead. But Gallo's army was strong, and hisen desire to defeat Rogoe was even stronger."
―Boss Nass[1]

The Grand Army marches on Spearhead.

With the newly formed Gungan Grand Army, Gallo went to the city of Spearhead to kill Rogoe[1] and defeat the remaining holdouts against the Gungan unification.[3]

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Along the way, Gallo came across a bursa clan with an injured leader. After healing the bursa leader, Gallo received some bursas to attack Spearhead.[1]

Because Rogoe's keep was underwater and surrounded by Spearhead, Marsune went to the base of the Gungan manufacturing company Bongomeken Collective to get submarines called bongos for use in attacking the keep. Upon the construction of Gallo's navy, the battle commenced. The united tribes sustained heavy casualties, but in the end they succeeded in killing Rogoe and destroying Spearhead. After the battle died down, Gallo founded the city of Otoh Gunga in the ruins of Spearhead.[1]


"Hesa built the city of Otoh Gunga, and long it remained a symbol of peace between all Gungans."
―Boss Nass[1]

The story of Gallo uniting the Gungan tribes was retold by his distant descendant Boss Rugor Nass, who hoped to embody Gallo's leadership and courage, sometime during the later years of the Galactic Republic.[4] The city of Otoh Gunga became the capital of the now-united Gungan civilization and a major center for commerce and other Gungan-related issues. A game titled Marsune and Gallo retold the story of the two Gungans uniting the tribes and was played by many Gungan children.[1] He was remembered as a hero by generations of Gungans.[5] The initial foundations of Otoh Gunga laid by Gallo came to be known as the Ancient Quarter, where Gungan machinery, buildings and other objects of historical significance were preserved.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"Yousa go tell yousa boss that Gallo is coming for him-sa!"
―Boss Gallo swears to avenge his people[1]

Gallo was a determined and dedicated leader of his village. He mourned greatly at the loss of his people and vowed to avenge them at whatever cost. He was a capable military leader, as he managed to defeat Rogoe. He was a talented diplomat, having convinced all the tribes to put aside their differences and come together under one common goal. He believed strongly against Gungans fighting each other, even going as far as to claim it immoral according to the gods. Thus he strove to refrain from Gungan warfare whenever possible. Gallo was a wealthy and powerful Boss, due mostly to his city of Otoh Sancture being a hub of trade, commerce, gossip, and spying. Gallo's power and prestige made him an object of fear for the tyrannical Boss Rogoe, who worried whether or not Gallo would eventually join his enemies. Gallo was a typical Ankura Gungan with green skin, a large stature, and long ears. He often rode around on a kaadu and carried a staff as a weapon.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Instead of freeing themselves from the yoke of Naboo tyranny, the first half of the campaign would be about how the Gungans united under Boss Gallo to rid themselves of a vile warlord named Rogoe. Unlike the somewhat faceless Naboo, Rogoe gave me the opportunity to put a face on Gallo's enemy, and the scenarios benefited from the hero's more personal involvement in the storyline. So what looked like a crushing blow actually ended up making the scenarios better."
Galactic Battlegrounds level designer Stephen J. MacManus[6]

Gallo was created for the 2001 LucasArts video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, which was released on November 11, 2001.[7] Prior to the game's release, Gallo was mentioned in an online chat session with game director Garry M. Gaber in response to a question about the timeline of the game's storyline, the transcript of that chat was posted to the LucasArts website on June 28, 2001.[8] Players control Gallo in the first three missions of the Gungan campaigns, and it is required that Gallo survive each mission for the player to move on. Level designer Stephen J. McManus originally designed the campaigns to have Gallo fight against oppression from the Human Naboo, but he was informed that according to existing continuity the two species had not fought against each other. After discussions with Gaber and fellow designer Reed Knight, McManus developed the idea of a war between the Gungans, a change that he felt improved the campaign due to the more personal involvement of its protagonist.[6]

During the briefings before each mission in Galactic Battlegrounds, Gallo is depicted using gray-toned still shots[1] of Rugor Nass from the 1999 prequel trilogy film Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.[9] Boss Gallo shares his name with the gallo fish, and many Gungan families were named after the fish.[10] There was also a mountain range called the Gallo Mountains on Naboo.[11]

The objectives in each of Gallo's missions do not have a strictly enforced timeline and can be completed in any order which the player chooses. This article is written according to the order of towns Gallo passes through as he travels from one end of the road to the other, completing the objective given in each town directly after it is given. The alliance with the bursas in the third level of the campaign, "Raid on Spearhead," is optional for the player.[1]



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