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"This is Jedi Ben Skywalker with an urgent warning for the Hapan Royal Navy. Ducha Galney is a verified traitor coming to launch a sneak attack on the Queen Mother. Repeat urgent warning: Ducha Galney is a traitor. Take all precautions."
―Ben Skywalker[1]

Galney was a Hapan female noble and the Ducha of Terephon. She was a member of the Heritage Council, a group who wished to overthrow Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo. The Heritage Council was inadvertently assisted by Galney's younger sister, Lady Galney, a loyal aide to Tenel Ka. Lady Galney unknowingly gave inside information to one of her consorts, who was secretly in league with the Heritage Council. In 40 ABY, the Heritage Council put their plans in motion. Galney attempted to kill two Jedi Knights, Jaina Solo and Zekk, sent by Tenel Ka to prevent them from reporting the Ducha's treachery to the Queen Mother. When that failed, Galney raced to Hapes in an attempt to sneak-attack Tenel Ka. She arrived in the middle of the Battle of Hapes and met the Hapans and their Galactic Alliance allies in battle. In the end, Galney was defeated and captured, and the plans of the Heritage Council were foiled.


Early life[]

The Ducha Galney was born into the noble Galney family, and lived on the Hapan moon of Terephon. The Hapan Queen Mother, former Jedi Knight Tenel Ka Djo, trusted the Ducha very much. Thus, Tenel Ka did not suspect that the Ducha was a member of the Heritage Council, a group of Hapan nobles that plotted to overthrow Tenel Ka and install fellow noble Ducha AlGray as the new Queen Mother. Galney's younger sister, Lady Galney, an assistant to Tenel Ka, unknowingly aided the Council in their plots by disclosing classified information to a consort of hers, who was also secretly an agent of the Council.

Incident at the Villa Solis[]

"You think the Ducha is going to hit her own villa?
know she is."
―Jaina Solo and Zekk[1]

In 40 ABY, an assassination attempt on Tenel Ka Djo prompted the Queen Mother to send two fellow Jedi Knights, Zekk and Jaina Solo, to Terephon to ask Galney to mobilize her fleet. Although the two Knights were wary of Ducha Galney having her fleet at the ready so quickly, presenting the possibility that Galney had known of the coup attempt before Zekk and Solo left Hapes for Terephon, they went anyway. The two Jedi Knights arrived at Ducha Galney's estate, the Villa Solis, in their StealthX starfighters. However, when they reached the front entrance of the Villa, they were informed that the Ducha was not at her residence at that time, even though the Royal Intelligence Service said that she was.

As the two Knights walked away from the Villa, their mission apparently having failed, the two were met by the Ducha's assistant, Entora Zar. Zar stated that the Ducha had in fact seen the two Jedi approach in their StealthXs, but their piloting was "an affront to the Ducha's sensibilities." But when Solo expanded her Force-awareness, she felt the Ducha, who was in hiding. As the Jedi made their way toward the Ducha's hiding place, with Zar protesting along the way, the two were attacked by the Ducha's hunting murgs. After the Jedi fended off the beasts, Zar revealed that when the Jedi approached, the Ducha announced that she and the rest of the household would be leaving, with Zar left behind to tend to the murgs.

Zar also stated that it was quite unusual for the Ducha to take the entire household when she departed the Villa Solis, as there were usually twenty people there to maintain the Villa. Solo deduced that the Ducha's fleet, in orbit above Terephon, was going to attack the Villa Solis with the Ducha safely away, and Zar was a decoy. As the two Knights attempted to return to their starfighters, they were accosted by YVH droids that were left behind by the Ducha to kill the Knights. The Ducha plotted to kill the Knights sent by Tenel Ka to keep them from bringing news of the Ducha's treachery back to the Queen Mother. Zar was killed in the ensuing firefight, and the YVHs were ultimately defeated by the Jedi. All of a sudden, a squadron of Miy'til starfighters flew overhead, and bombed the Villa, destroying it. Nevertheless, the two Jedi escaped.

Battle of Hapes[]

Jaina Solo: "Then Tenel Ka doesn't know the Ducha is a traitor?"
Ben Skywalker: "I don't think so. The last I heard, she was counting on the Galney fleet to bolster her defenses."
Jaina Solo: "Blast it! That's why the Ducha didn't want to talk to us—she's pretending to be on Tenel Ka's side, and she knew two Jedi would sense the lie."
Zekk: "So Tenel Ka will think she's rushing to the defense—and then the Ducha can attack from the inside."
―Jaina Solo, Ben Skywalker, and Zekk[1]

The Ducha's fleet then made a hyperspace jump to Hapes in the midst of the Battle of Hapes. Galney, who was trusted by the Queen Mother Tenel Ka, was aiming to use that trust to sneak attack the Queen Mother. However, Jedi Knight Ben Skywalker was able to forewarn the Hapan Royal Navy of the Ducha's treachery before the Ducha was able to put her plans in motion. Galney's forces met the Hapans and the Galactic Alliance Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Anakin Solo in the skies above Hapes as the Hapans scrambled to protect their leader. In the end, Galney was defeated and captured by Jacen Solo, the commander of the Anakin Solo.

Personality and traits[]

"Ducha Galney is supposed to be one of Tenel Ka's most loyal allies."
―Jaina Solo[1]

Ducha Galney was a conniving woman, who partook in an attempted coup against the Queen Mother Tenel Ka, who believed that Galney was a trustworthy and loyal noble. She conspired as part of the Heritage Council to overthrow Queen Mother Tenel Ka, deceptively using the trust that Tenel Ka had placed in the Ducha against the Queen Mother. Galney was a sporting woman, and enjoyed hunting and riding at the Villa Solis, employing Entora Zar to take care of her hunting murgs, whom the Ducha Galney loved very much. Although Entora Zar was one of the Ducha's favorite riding partners, the Ducha nevertheless viewed her as disposable, using her as a decoy when the two Jedi Knights, Jaina Solo and Zekk, showed up.

Behind the scenes[]

The character of Ducha Galney was created by writer Troy Denning for his novel Legacy of the Force: Tempest, the third book in the nine-book series Star Wars: Legacy of the Force.


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