"She is a fool—but she is an honest one."
―Tenel Ka[1]

Lady Galney was a female Hapan and one of Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo's most trusted aides. In 40 ABY, an assassination attempt took place on the Queen Mother, engineered by a group of traitors to the Hapan crown called the Heritage Council, led by Galney's older sister, the Ducha of the Hapan moon Terephon. The Hapes Consortium, Galney's home, was visited by several Jedi, including Grand Master Luke Skywalker. The Jedi believed that Galney, who watched over the Queen Mother like a hawk, was actually a spy and possibly the one responsible for the assassination attempt. Although she was innocent of any direct involvement in the coup attempt, Lady Galney had unknowingly given classified information to one of her consorts, a traitor to the throne. That information was put to use by the Heritage Council. The Heritage Council intended to overthrow the Queen Mother, attacking her in the battle of Hapes. The traitors were defeated, and Galney was spared from punishment.


Early life[]

Lady Galney was a Hapan, and was born into the Galney family of nobles. Her older sister was the Ducha of Terephon. Galney was an aide to Queen Mother and former Jedi Knight Tenel Ka Djo, and considered herself as the Queen Mother's best assistant.[1]


"It's possible that someone close to you is a traitor."
"Yes, I have been having premonitions of that myself—though I don't believe it is Lady Galney."
―Luke Skywalker and Tenel Ka[1]

In 40 ABY, an assassination attempt was carried out on the life on Tenel Ka. Tenel Ka survived the attempt, with help from Han Solo and his wife Leia Organa Solo. Soon after the attempt, Solo's daughter, Jedi Knight Jaina Solo and her partner and fellow Jedi, Zekk, arrived. Galney did not hide the fact that she thought that the Solos were behind the attack. Galney stated that several witnesses, all Hapan nobles, witnessed the Solos attacking people who were guarding and protecting the Queen Mother. The Jedi Knights, who believed the Solo's innocence, protested anyway. Galney, however, believed that the Solos were terrorists.[1]

Some time later, Jedi Knight and Galactic Alliance Guard leader Jacen Solo arrived in the Hapes Consortium, to investigate the assassination attempt. Solo brought Galney in front of him on his ship, the Anakin Solo, accompanied by Jedi apprentice Ben Skywalker, security droid DD-11A, and Tenel Ka's daughter, the Chume'da Allana. Solo assigned Skywalker to see to anything Galney required to ensure the Queen Mother's safety, and told Galney to return to her guest suite. However, Galney insisted on staying with Tenel Ka, but Tenel Ka agreed with Solo, and told Galney to take Allana and DD-11A with her. Solo believed that Galney may have been behind the assassination attempt, but Tenel Ka did not share his suspicion, due to Galney's family being some of her strongest supporters.[1]

While Galney was aboard the Anakin Solo, they were visited by two more Jedi. Two Masters, Grand Master Luke Skywalker and his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker, arrived on the Star Destroyer to speak to Tenel Ka and Jacen Solo. Tenel Ka arrived, and was accompanied by Galney. As Luke informed the group of Galactic Alliance Chief of State Cal Omas and Admiral Cha Niathal's assembly of a defense fleet to protect the Hapan crown, and that the fleet would be battle-ready within a week, Galney burst out in anger. Galney stated that she did not think a week was enough time, and had to be silenced by Tenel Ka. Luke dismissed Galney on the grounds that he had information for Tenel Ka's ears alone, but Galney once again insisted on staying. Mara Jade was forced to physically remove Galney from the room, with Sergeant Whelmo Darb, a crewman on the Anakin Solo, escorting Galney back to her quarters.[1]

Battle of Hapes[]

"Lady Galney, I am not my grandmother. I don't execute my subjects for the crimes of their sisters."
―Tenel Ka[1]

Soon after the investigation, the battle of Hapes broke out. The Heritage Council, a group of Hapan nobles led by Ducha AlGray and Galney's older sister, the Ducha of Terephon, bent on overthrowing Tenel Ka put to use inside information inadvertently given to them by Galney. One of Galney's consorts was a traitor, and Galney had freely given him the information, unknowingly assisting the Heritage Council. The plans of the Council ultimately failed during the battle of Hapes, which ended in a victory for Tenel Ka. After the battle, Galney apologized to Tenel Ka for her carelessness with regards to sharing information with her consort. Tenel Ka accepted the apology, and ordered Galney to return to her cabin. She also told Galney that she would not be executed, and that they would discuss her choice in consorts at a later time.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Anyone with that much interest in another person's business won't keep it private."
―Mara Jade Skywalker[1]

Galney was very adamant and argumentative when she believed something, and was quick to condemn Han and Leia Solo as terrorists and assassins. She was very committed to the safety of Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo, and always insisted on being by her side at all times. Her utter commitment to Tenel Ka led several to believe that she was a spy, funneling inside information to interested parties, which she did, but unwittingly. She was very smug at times when she got her way or won an argument, and took pride from being Tenel Ka's most trusted aide. However, Tenel Ka believed that Galney was a fool, and her perceived "special relationship" with Galney was merely an illusion. Galney had green eyes.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The character of Lady Galney was created by writer Troy Denning for his novel Legacy of the Force: Tempest, the third book of the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force series.[1]



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