"The wise ones say you must never ask galoomps to stand still."

Named for the unique sound they made when foraging for food at dawn or dusk, galoomps were herd beasts found on Naboo and Tatooine.

Galoomps were large herbivores that, despite reptilian appearance, were actually mammals.
Galoomps Digging

A group of Galoomps, digging for "desert plums".

Their nostril slits protected them against sand. Their tail knob, filled with loose pieces of cartilage, shook to warn of approaching danger. A segmented, horny, ridged hide on their backside protected against predators and seemed to insulate against moisture loss.

During sandstorms, they buried themselves in the sand, their nostrils being slit to protect against inhaling sand. Galoomps ran with their wide mouth open, filling their unusually large lungs with air. In full flight, a galoomp's lungs could expand to fill almost its entire body cavity.

The galoomp's powerful hind legs were responsible for the animal's signature bounding gait. Its unique body structure allowed it to traverse the desert plains at great speeds. At rest, the front legs were used for digging roots and the galoomp's favorite food, "desert plums". The split hoof aided this creature's manual dexterity.

Once per year, the galoomp would shed the bony rattle on its tail. The rattle was used to make toys for Gungan children.

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