Galub slugs were giant, grub-white sea parasites native to Spira. They adhered to large sea animals to suck their blood. Generally very unintelligent, they would sometimes mistake passing boats for potential hosts, making them somewhat of a hazard to yachting tourists.


The Galub slug was an ocean-dwelling parasite native to the planet Spira. Capable of reaching a length of two meters, Galub slugs had the ability to adhere to any solid surface using a powerful form of suction. They did this to attach to large sea animals in order to suck their blood. Non-sentient, they were also unintelligent and would mistake the hulls of boats for large sea animals and attach themselves to the unsuspecting passerby. The Galub slug possessed a thick, grub-white hide which was strong enough to deflect spears, but not blaster fire.[1]


During the Galactic Civil War, a group of Alliance to Restore the Republic agents were participating in the 345th annual Spira Regatta Open when a sea slug attached itself to their yacht, slowing them. The Rebels were forced to use their blasters to free their vessel.[1]


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