Galven barrels[2] were a type of blaster barrel[1] used in boiler rifles; rifles modified with tibanna gas in order to double their firepower, which burned through galven barrels quickly, meaning the weapons required constant upkeep.[2] In 0 BBY,[3] the Rebel Alliance Special Forces commando Paodok'Draba'Takat Sap'De'Rekti Nik'Linke'Ti' Ki'Vef'Nik'NeSevef'Li'Kek wore four spare galven barrels on each of his wrists while using a boiler rifle during the Battle of Scarif.[2]

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Galven barrels first appeared in the 2016 Anthology film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[4] They were first identified in the accompanying reference book Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, which was written by Pablo Hidalgo.[2] Star Wars: Rogue One: Ultimate Sticker Encyclopedia erroneously labelled the spare galven barrels carried by Pao as "spare ammunition."[5]

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