"Excellency, the Gama system gives full allegiance to the Empire. The Gama-Senn people accept your will as absolute, my Emperor."
―The Gama-Senn ruler, after witnessing the Galaxy Gun in use[1]

The Gama-Senn were a sentient, humanoid species from the Gama system. Gama-Senn had two thumbs per hand and flat facial features. In 11 ABY, the Gama-Senn ruler was convinced to swear the Gama system's loyalties to Galactic Emperor Palpatine after a demonstration of the Galactic Empire's superweapon, the Galaxy Gun. Palpatine scoffed at the Gama-Senn representative for withholding allegiance until swayed by fear.

Biology and appearance[]

The Gama-Senn were humanoid sentients with hands distinguished by at least four digits each, two of which were thumbs. At least one member of the species had yellowish-brown skin; large, rounded ears; and forward-oriented eyes with white sclera. The Gama-Senn mouth was large, with prominent facial muscles around the lips, and the nose was small and barely extended from the face.[1]

Society and culture[]

The Gama-Senn inhabited the Gama system,[2] located in the Core Worlds.[3] In 11 ABY, the entire system fell under the rule of a single individual.[2] On at least one occasion in 11 ABY, the ruler wore clothing that consisted of a violet ensemble with tails, shoes, and orange pauldrons. The Gama-Senn leader also wore a maroon headband, tied at the left side of the head.[1]


"Why should I accept your slavish obeisances? I am well aware your planet has withheld allegiance until now, when you have seen the power of my galaxy weapon. I can easily annihilate your world and all its inhabitants— Unh… just… as I obliterated that… Rebel troopship!"
―Palpatine reacts to the Gama-Senn ruler's attempt to swear the Gama system's fealty[1]

Emperor Palpatine upbraided the Gama-Senn ruler for swearing fealty to the Empire only out of fear.

The Gama-Senn originated from a homeworld in the Gama system.[2] The world became integrated into the galaxy at some point between 20,000 and 15,000 BBY[4] as part of the Southern Core region of the Core Worlds.[5] The species' home system fell within territory controlled by the Galactic Republic from 1004 to 1000 BBY, during the New Sith Wars.[6] The system remained within Republic space during the Clone Wars.[7]

After the rebirth of Galactic Emperor Palpatine into a clone body in 11 ABY, the Gama-Senn remained unaligned with the reborn Galactic Empire.[1] However, the ruler of the species' home system[2] joined other delegates on a visit to the Imperial throneworld, Byss, to behold the power of the Empire's new superweapon, the Galaxy Gun. After witnessing the weapon destroy the New Republic troopship Pelagia with a missile launched through hyperspace—an event broadcast to Byss via subminiature probe drones—the Gama-Senn leader submitted to the might of the Empire. Nevertheless, the Gama-Senn's acquiescence merely angered Palpatine, who disdained the species for only capitulating due to fear.[1] By 137 ABY, the Gama-Senn's home system had fallen within a domain known as the Core Worlds Security Zone, part of the Sith Lord Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire.[8]

Behind the scenes[]

The Gama-Senn appear briefly in Empire's End 1, a 1995 Dark Horse comic book written by Tom Veitch and illustrated by Jim Baikie. The art style used employs colored lighting in the scenes featuring the Gama-Senn character, so ascertaining the species' skin color is difficult; the description above assumes the representative's skin tone and clothing color is not distorted significantly by lighting effects. Similarly, the top of the character's head is black, but it is difficult to determine whether this represents hair or some sort of hat.[1] The species is mentioned in the Gama system's entries in both 1998's Star Wars Encyclopedia[9] and 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[2]



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