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A female Falleen gambler

A gambler was an individual who recreationally or professionally participated in gambling. Some individuals dabbled with games of chance, while others used their talents to make a living.

Gamblers travelled the galaxy engaging in games of chance; some lived carefree lifestyles where money came and went, and had the view that they were never down and out permanently because the game always went on. These nomadic gamblers did not set down roots, preferring to "love them and leave them" over settling down. Another journey, new worlds to explore, fine meals and wine, and the chance to play at a new gambling table were the only things they wanted. Gamblers saw both the highborn and dregs of societies, and were comfortable among both kinds.[1]

Some gamblers ended up falling in with the Alliance to Restore the Republic, usually after a run-in with the Galactic Empire. For these gamblers, they realised that the fight against the Empire looked like a pretty hopeless cause that nevertheless had a chance of succeeding. As a gambler, those were odds worth taking.[1]

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The "Gambler" was one of the original twenty-four character templates used by the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, first published in the first edition rulebook.[1]



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