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Gambler TofG

A Devaronian gambler

"It's not whether you win or lose, just how often."
―Herglic gambler, name unknown[src]

Gambling had been a popular form of entertainment in the galaxy for millennia. Some areas of the Old Republic allowed gambling and by the time of the Clone Wars, Senator Simon Greyshade introduced legislation to legalize it throughout the entire Republic. Gambling, in fact, proved quite influential in Galactic history.

In particular, Watto and Lando Calrissian were fond of games of chance, with the former losing Anakin Skywalker when Anakin was a slave on Tatooine over a podracing bet and the latter winning (and later losing) the Millennium Falcon via the game of sabacc.

Some species, such as the Herglics, were especially prone to gambling.

Popular Forms of GamblingEdit

Old Republic Era
KethPlaying Hintaro-FC

A game of hintaro being played

Imperial Era



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