"Game On!" was an article written by Tony A. Rowe, detailing video games from The Empire Strikes Back arcade game all the way to The Old Republic MMORPG. It appeared in Star Wars Insider 135, and was later reprinted in Star Wars Insider Special Edition 2016. The same section implied that the various false Vaders that Luke Skywalker fought in the 1987 Star Wars game were hallucinations similar to the Cave of Evil sequence in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, an inference also made in the game's manual. Several in-depth information about the Atari games were also supplied, including the uncertainty of the sister company of Kenner, the Parker Brothers, had the rights to do the Star Wars games, as well as the Parker Brothers attempting to stage an elaborate hoax on LucasFilm by making it seem as though they were capable of developing an advanced gaming engine. In addition, they did some coverage on Kinect Star Wars.

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