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Game Room was a regular department in Star Wars Galaxy Magazine that examined Star Wars video games.

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Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 1: "Revving Up the 'Jedi Engine'"Edit

The story behind the making of Star Wars: Dark Forces, by Peter Spear. It featured comments from Ray Gresko, a programmer, Daron Stinnett, the game's project lead, and Justin Chin, co-designer and writer of the game.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 2: "Confessions of a Super Gamer"Edit

The story behind Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, by Tim Rooney, with comments from Kalani Streicher, head of the design team, and Jon Knoles, the game's lead animator.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 3: "Where Aliens Are Fair Game"Edit

An article about the fantastic creatures found in video games, by Sue Berkey. Justin Chin, lead artist from Dark Forces, Jon Knoles, lead artist on the Super Nintendo Star Wars games both gave commentary for the article.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 4: "Playing Empire Games"Edit

An article discussing the various video game adaptations of The Empire Strikes Back, by Sue Berkey. It featured comments from Kalani Streicher, producer of Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 5: "Rebel Rouser"Edit

The sequel to Star Wars: Rebel Assault, Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire, is discussed, by Sue Berkey. Vince Lee, creator of Rebel Assault contributed comments, talking about the filming of the live-action scenes by director Hal Barwood, using classic costumes, and the blue screen work done.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 6: "Meet the New Boss"Edit

A profile of Jack Sorensen, new president of LucasArts, by Sue Berkey.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 7: "Dashing From The Shadows"Edit

A look at Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire for the Nintendo 64, by Sue Berkey. Lead artist Jon Knoles, Nintendo Corporate Communications Manager Perrin Kaplan, project leader Mark Haigh-Hutchinson, and technical lead Eric Johnston all contributed comments.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 8: "Playing With the Dark Side"Edit

A look at Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II by Tom Byron. Justin Chin, project lead and designer, was the main contributor to the article.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 9: "LucasArts' Elder Statesman"Edit

A profile of Jon Knoles by Tom Byron.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 10: "Launching a New Rebellion"Edit

A look at Star Wars: Rebellion by Tom Byron. It included comments from the game's production manager Wayne Cline.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 11: "Darth Vader's Plenty Game"Edit

A brief look at Darth Vader's appearances in video games, by Tom Byron. The article also features previews of upcoming games including Yoda Stories, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, and X-Wing vs TIE Fighter.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 12: "These Are Fightin' Words"Edit

A look at Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi, by Tom Byon. Tony Hsieh, the game's project leader, was the primary source of comments. There was also a short segment on Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire coming to Windows computers.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 13: "Game Knights"Edit

A look at the appearances of Jedi Knights in video games, by Tom Byron. The article mentioned Yoda Stories, Star Wars: Rebellion, Masters of Teräs Käsi, and Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. There is also mention of an upcoming video game version of Star Wars Monopoly.

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