Gamgalon was a Krish big-game hunter who also headed a criminal operation on Varonat.


During the operation on Varonat, Gamgalon ran Morodin-hunting safaris that were actually a cover for harvesting aleudrupe berries, which could be used to create blaster gas. Unknown to most, the Morodins were actually sentient creatures, making the safaris illegal under Imperial law. However, Gamgalon had a deal with the Imperial governor in charge of Varonat which kept the hunts from being questioned.[1]

In 8 ABY, smuggler Talon Karrde went on one of these expeditions, suspicious of Gamgalon's operations. Kaarde and his partner Quelev Tapper learned of the Morodins' sentience; however, Gamgalon learned of their discovery. To prevent this information from leaking out, Gamgalon, along with his employee Falmal and three other Krish, detained the duo and later killed Tapper when he attempted to escape. Gamgalon and group led Kaarde through the jungle until Gamgalon, along with Falmal, was killed by Mara Jade Skywalker with a blaster shot to the torso as she rescued Kaarde.[1]

Gamgalon also once attempted to remove a nine-hundred-meter-long space slug from an asteroid in the Hoth system for a one hundred thousand credit bounty—though he foresaw that the difficulty of such an operation may have incurred additional costs.[2]



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