Gammit Chond was a male Ithorian artist. Although he never travelled offworld (with some saying he never even ventured more than a day's walk from his house), Chond created a set of hand-drawn planetary maps based on many travelers' tales he had heard. His maps, although not strictly accurate, were in fact attempts at reproducing the feel of the worlds they depicted. Eventually, some of Chond's work found its way to the Graf Archive on Orchis 2, where they were exhumed from the Shadow Stacks by a lucky archivist.[1] Other works purported to be from Chond about alien species were unearthed by the archivist droid TR-33NA; due to their advanced age, much of it was faded, although what was recovered was published with added data points.[2]

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Chond is mentioned as the in-universe author of Star Wars: Galactic Atlas.


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