"Winter is when the boars can't get out and fight one another either, so they get all cozy and pleasant—they really do—and write songs and poems to their sows. Or, they hire me to write songs and poems."
―Sebastin Onyx[1]

Gamorrean poetry could be written in runes.

Gamorrean poetry was a form of poetry[2] written by members of the Gamorrean species in the Gamorrese tongue.[1] At the Mirrsteel Heights towers on the Kwenn Space Station in Hutt Space, several Hutt-style chuba cantinas hosted nightly readings of Gamorrean poetry.[2] During winters on the Gamorrean homeworld, Gamorr, Gamorrean males, called boars, wrote love poems for their wives, called sows. The Human Sebastin Onyx made ends meet by working as a poet for the mostly illiterate boars, which included Guth, who wanted love poems for Kufbrug, a married Clan Matron.[1]

In 13 ABY,[3] Rog, Kufbrug's son-in-law, purchased a poem written in Gamorrean runes on parchment from Onyx, claiming it was for Guth. In reality, the poem was given to Vrokk, Kufbrug's husband, who was killed by a kheilwar wasp hidden inside the parchment, implicating Guth in the murder. The former Jedi Callista Ming, a shipmate of Guth's, conducted an investigation and learned of Gamorrean love poetry from Onyx in the process.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Gamorrean poetry first appeared in "Murder in Slushtime", a short story written by Barbara Hambly and published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 14 in August 1997.[1] It was directly identified in the 2015 sourcebook Lords of Nal Hutta, a supplement to Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Edge of the Empire roleplaying game.[2]



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