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C-3PO translates Gamorrese spoken by Xob.

"Threepio, I hope you know Gamorrean."
"Oh, dear"
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Gamorrese, or Gamorrean language was the native language of the Gamorrean species from planet Gamorr and colonies like Pzob.

Gamorrese was just a bunch of lexicon, mainly nouns and verbs plus a few adjectives, with a primitive syntax. Although apparently there were no declensions in Gamorrean, it was unclear if the word order provided the meaning of the sentences.

Gamorreans used Gamorrean words as their names, so that the meaning of a Gamorrean name is, more or less, some kind of threat. Other Gamorreans could be intimidated if they hear "I am Ortugg", or "I'm going to Ortugg you".

Although Gamorrese did not have a sophisticated written language it did have a very basic runic alphabet which was used for record keeping, accounting and genealogy. The runic alphabet was only typically used by educated sows although a fair number of boars could read them slowly. There were known to be several variations of the runic alphabet. Since Gamorreans encountered in the galaxy were mostly males it was generally considered that the Gamorreans had no written language.

There was no word for "calculus" in Gamorrese. The closest expression translated as "big nasty math".[1]

One of the Gamorrean dialects was called Vregg.

The blue and gold protocol droid N2-3PO peppered her speech with Gamorrean curses.

Journalist Kandra Nilitz was able to understand Gamorrese[2] and so was Myri Antilles.[1]

Glossary of termsEdit

Gamorrean Runes

Gamorrean Runes

  • arg'garok - Gamorrean axe
  • dinn - adjective, ("inclined to drool excessively")
  • gnorn ("Cowardice" - closest word to "Cunning" and "knowledge")
  • gweek - adjective, ("strong")
  • muh - ("Outlander", not native to Gamorr)
  • m'uhk'gfa - Gamorrean battle armor
  • oink - a deadly insult that might start a war
  • scabwit - a derisive term
  • thogk - Traditional Gamorrean club ("log with a spike in it")
  • urrjsh or urrsh - command, ("stop")
  • v'lch - ("unmarried sow") - often used derogatorily

Behind the scenesEdit

Gamorrese, although not identified as such, appeared in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. In the films, owing to the Gammoreans' porcine appearances, it was composed primarily of porcine squealing and grunts. It was later given text in X-Wing: The Krytos Trap.



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