"Where are those drinks we ordered?"
―Gana Lavin[src]

Gana Lavin was a Human female who grew up in the Upper City of Taris. In 3956 BBY, she was at the Upper City Cantina with a friend. When her order was delayed, she mistook Revan, a Galactic Republic soldier, for a waiter. This sparked a short argument that ended when her drinks finally arrived.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"Where did you get those clothes—a trash compactor in the Lower City?"
―Gana Lavin, to Revan[src]

Gana Lavin was a young Human female noble from the planet Taris. As a child, she enjoyed many of life's luxuries living in the Upper City. Lavin would occasionally use enforcers employed by her father to harass others, which led many to consider her a spoiled brat.[1]

In 3956 BBY,[3] Lavin was present in the Upper City Cantina buying drinks for herself and a noble when Revan and Carth Onasi, both Galactic Republic soldiers, approached her. Lavin mistakenly believed them to be waiters, insulting their choice of clothing and demanding to know why her order had not yet arrived. Revan apologized and attempted to explain that he wasn't an employee of the cantina, but Lavin refused to listen and threatened to use her father's influence to have Revan dismissed. Revan persuaded her not to become upset and agreed to bring Lavin her order. At that point, a waiter arrived bearing Lavin's and her friend's drinks, defusing the situation and allowing Revan and Onasi to leave.[2]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"Why is the help here so incompetent? One word from Daddy and I could get you fired!"
―Gana Lavin threatens Revan[src]

Lavin commonly used her enforcers and her father's reputation to threaten others. When her drink order at the Upper City Cantina was late, she grew impatient and angrily commented on the incompetence of the cantina staff. Lavin bluntly expressed her dislike of Revan's clothing, and her rudeness led Onasi to call her a "spoiled brat."[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

"How dare you speak to me like that! Daddy's going to hear about this!"
―Lavin's response to one of several dialogue options[src]

Lavin first appeared as a non-player character in the 2003 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game, in which the player, Revan, can interact with her. Throughout the conversation, the player has several dialogue options to choose from. However, the nature of the conversation is such that it does not progress any plot, nor does it change the player's alignment. Therefore, it is undetermined whether Revan ever interacted with Lavin and, if so, what form the conversation took.[2]

If, instead of apologizing to Lavin, the player explains that he's not a waiter, Lavin takes offense and complains to her father. She later has two Rodian thugs attack Revan outside the cantina. After the player defeats them, she screams for her "daddy" and runs away. It should be noted that during this encounter, Lavin is portrayed with black hair.[2]

In 2008, Lavin was given an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.

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