Ganaire Kyrell was a female human Second-wave aristocrat from the planet Jelucan. She was married to Oris Kyrell and was mother to two sons, Dalven and Thane. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Ganaire sought to curry favor with the Empire.


Ganaire Kyrell was the wife of Oris Kyrell and the mother of Dalven and Thane. She was a Second-waver who lived on the planet Jelucan during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Ganaire and her family were wealthy and lived in a gold-tiled house. In 11 BBY, Ganaire and her family attended a ceremony in the city of Valentia celebrating the Empire's annexation of Jelucan. She complained about walking through the streets like "valley trash", a pejorative referring to the valley-dwelling First Wavers who had settled on Jelucan. Her husband Oris responded that the hangars were packed with hovercraft and that it would do their sons no harm to walk.[1]

When her older son Dalven complained that they should have left Thane at home with their tutor droid CZ-1, Ganaire sided with Thane and reminded him that he was born in the same year that the Empire was established. After Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin gave a speech, Ganaire and Oris attended a reception with several Imperial dignitaries. They left Dalven to babysit his younger brother. However, Dalven got distracted by his friends and abandoned Thane. Thane subsequently befriend a valley-dweller girl named Ciena Ree. After meeting Tarkin himself, the two decided to strive for a career in the Imperial Navy.[1]

Ganaire and Oris showered their older son Dalven and ignored Thane. When a fifteen year old Thane was beaten up by his father following an argument, Ganaire did not intervene nor acknowledge her son's wounds in the morning. As a result, Thane endeavored to secure a place at the Imperial Academy and leave his parents and Jelucan behind. When Thane secured a place at the prestigious Royal Imperial Academy on Coruscant, Ganaire and Oris said farewell to their son at home and did not accompany him to the spaceport.[1]

During his studies and subsequent service as a TIE fighter pilot, Thane did not maintain contact with his parents. After deserting the Empire following the destruction of Alderaan, Thane did not seek refuge with his parents; knowing his mother's willingness to curry favor with the Empire and his father's violent temper. After Thane's friend Ciena falsified his death, Ganaire along with Oris and Dalven presumably believed that Thane had committed suicide out of grief at the loss of his comrades aboard the Death Star. In truth, Thane had run away and subsequently joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[1]

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Ganaire was a human woman who wore a long saffron-colored robe. Ganaire and her husband Oris were snobbish and built a large gold-tiled house to impress their neighbors. However, the large size of their house forced them to locate their hangar in the terrace below. As a second-waver, Ganaire looked down upon the Jelucani valley-dwellers, who had first settled the planet. Ganaire was willing to curry favor with the Empire too following its annexation to her homeworld, reason for which Thane, after deserting the Empire, opted to not return to his house knowing his mother's willingness to serve the Empire.[1]

While she, as her husband, used to favor their older son over their younger son, Ganaire was supportive to Thane sometimes. When Dalven told his parents that they should have left Thane at home during the celebration date of the Empire's annexation of Jelucan, she sided with Thane by reminding him that he was born the same day in which the Empire was established. She also tolerated, along her husband, Thane's friendship with Ciena Ree, despite her being a First Waver, to the extent of letting her go to their house. She even said farewell along her husband to Thane when he departed for the Imperial Academy. However, although Ganaire did not belittle Thane like his father and older brother did, she did not protect Thane when he was beaten up by Oris during one of the latter's drunken rags.[1]

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Ganaire Kyrell first appeared as a background character in Claudia Gray's 2015 young adult novel Lost Stars.


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