Ganar Tos was the elderly Zisian male majordomo of the High Priest Teroenza on the spice factory planet of Ylesia. He had greenish skin, saggy jowls and rheumy eyes.


It was the misfortune of pilgrim Bria Tharen that Ganar Tos developed an attraction to her while she tended Teroenza's museum pieces. Ganar Tos was rewarded for his good work when the High Priest attempted to marry Bria to him, but unfortunately for Ganar, Han Solo escaped with her off-world before the marriage could begin.

Ganar Tos remained the majordomo for Teroenza in the years that followed, serving the High Priest faithfully, but always harboring enmity in his heart towards Han Solo for taking away his bride-to-be. He was one of the few people to survive the Battle of Ylesia. Ganar was eventually picked up from the planet along with the surviving Nova Force troops by Durga when he arrived in his yacht and presumably continued to work for the Besadii.



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