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Gand was the official spoken and written language of the Gands.[2] The spoken language consisted of drones and clicks.[3]

Gand had a difficult method to address to the first person. A Gand individual never used the equivalent of I to talk about himself or herself, unless this particular Gand was so notable that any other Gand would recognize him or her. In most cases, a Gand said his name, be it given name or family surname, depending on level of identity earned, or even this Gand, and used the third person for the verb. [4]

Most Gands did not have appropriate vocal cords or mouth to speak Basic, so they used translators. Despite the difficulties in speaking it, many Gand who traveled offworld attempted to learn other languages to avoid embarrassing themselves in public. Speaking in highly accented Basic, some Gand claimed they were physically inclined to be able to speak other languages over other subspecies of Gand, others claimed they were driven enough to accomplish the feat, and that any similarly motivated Gand could achieve the same results.[1]

In 8.5 ABY, C-3PO used the Gand language, trying to convince an officer aboard the Chimaera that the Regina Galas was an ordinary freighter captained by a Gand. Though the officer claimed that there was no reason why a Gand would be unable to speak Basic, a translator droid was needed to interpret what Threepio was saying.[3]

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