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"The Gand should not leave Gand. It is not the way. But Churkk was young and the augury was clear. Churkk had to depart. Churkk has long expected the other findsmen to hunt Churkk down for leaving the sect, but every ship is shot down long before Churkk can be found."

Gand was a fog-shrouded planet[5] located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories, in grid square T-8 on the Standard Galactic Grid,[1] that was the homeworld of the insectoid Gand species.[5] With an atmosphere composed of ammonia instead of oxygen, its air was thick and poisonous to most off-worlders[3] and Gand had to wear respirators in order to breath in oxygen-based atmospheres. It was the homeworld of Zuckuss, a male Gand who was one of the first findsmen, who were known for their uncanny tracking skills, to go off-world when Gand's mystic findsman traditions, which dated back centuries, began dying out,[5] as well as Churkk.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Gand was first mentioned in the new Star Wars canon in Ultimate Star Wars, a 2015 reference book written by Patricia Barr, Adam Bray, Daniel Wallace, and Ryder Windham.[3] It was originally created for Galaxy Guide 3: The Empire Strikes Back, a 1989 Star Wars Legends supplement written by Michael Stern for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[7]



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