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The Gand starfighter was a heavily-modified TIE Bomber that was used by the Gand species.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Among the many modifications included having the bomb delivery system in the secondary hull replaced with a concussion missile launching system fed by a six-missile magazine; a hyperdrive motivator, a navigation computer, and deflector shield generators were also added. Two additional laser cannons completed their offensive systems, while the Quadanium solar panels on either side were cut out to resemble those on a TIE/IN interceptor, with a central cutout to provide the pilot with vastly-improved peripheral vision.

History[edit | edit source]

A trio of Gand ruetsavii flew these starfighters alongside the ex-members of Rogue Squadron and a squadron of Chir'daki during the Bacta War, specifically to keep an eye on Ooryl Qrygg, who was being observed for his worthiness to undergo janwuine-jika. Throughout the conflict, these craft proved very useful despite their ungainly appearance; they downed their share of TIEs and aided Wedge Antilles' forces on a number of ground-attack missions.

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