The Gandeal-Fondor Hyperlane was a hyperspace route blazed by the Galactic Empire with S-thread boosters for use in efficiently ferrying supplies and starships between Fondor and Gandeal.

The hyperlane was also an efficient means of traveling between other core worlds, for example a trip from Ruan to Fondor could be cut by three hyperspace jumps through the use of the hyperlane.

Despite its efficiency, the route was a tightly held secret by the Empire. It was in fact due to the presence of the secret Scarl shipyard on this route. After the Empire abandoned its shipyard facilities at Fondor, the secrecy surrounding the route kept it hidden from all but the best informed spacers.

Behind the scenesEdit

The hyperlane may have some connection to the Shipwrights' Trace running out of the Tapani sector from Fondor.



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