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Ganem Kahi was a human male TIE fighter pilot who served as a Flight Officer in the Galactic Empire's Squadron Five of the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing. He came from five generations of pilots who had served the Galactic Republic.[1]


Before joining the academy, Kahi visited his grandmother on Coruscant. She was happy with his decision to join the military and hoped he would fall in love and marry.[2] Kahi was present on the Star Destroyer Pursuer during a battle. After Squadron Five defeated the Rebels, he greeted his girlfriend Zin Graw in the hangar of the Star Destroyer with a kiss. He later reported with the rest of the squadron to Shakara Nuress to receive their next mission.[1]


Kahi and Graw kiss

Mission to recover the CelerityEdit

Kahi traveled on the Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier Summit to the Kudo system to act as protection in a mission to recover the Star Destroyer Celerity. While en-route, Kahi had a meal in the mess hall with his fellow pilots. He started to state that it was possible the Rebels might have legitimate concerns, but was quickly silenced by Jeela Brebtin who stated that his words might be construed as traitorous. After the meal, he walked with Graw who warned him that he to be careful to make sure nobody thought he might have Rebel sympathies. He assured her that he was loyal to the Empire.[1]

Action in the Kudo SystemEdit

Kahi deployed in his TIE/IN interceptor when the Summit arrived at Kudo.[1] As he was attacked by swarms of TIE fighters from the Celerity, he wondered who the pilots were and if the whole complex had been compromised. After the Summitt was destroyed, Kahi was surprised when Teso Broosh ordered the squadron to surrender and land on Kudo. Once on the planet, the squadron was approached by stormtroopers and Kahi assumed they were rebels. However, after meeting Gratloe, he learned that Gratloe's faction was seceding for their own self-interests and not actually rebelling against the Empire. He was disgusted by the corruption. After being isolated to discuss the offer to join Gratloe, Kahi was incredulous that Broosh was even considering it. When Broosh revealed he was merely buying time to develop a plan, Kahi joined him in escaping captivity.[3]

After making their way to their fighters, Broosh revealed that he had a backdoor coded into his fighter to prevent being locked out. Kahi thought that was a paranoid decision. After being let go by loyalist stormtroopers, Kahi and the rest of Squadron Five flew into space in an attempt to retake the Celerity. Before they could dock, they were attacking by an incoming armada of Rebel ships. Despite being assisted by TIE fighters piloted by loyalists, Kahi and the rest of Squadron Five were overwhelmed by superior numbers. He was hit by laser fire but managed to stay in formation. Graw pulled up alongside him and assured him that she had him covered. He professed his love for her and continued on course to the Star Destroyer. Before they could make it to safety, Kahi witnessed the destruction of Graw's fighter as she was shot down by a Rebel X-wing starfighter. Once on board the Celerity, Brebtin told him that his girlfriend would be happy that they accomplished the mission. Kahi was saddened at the loss and walked away to be alone with his thoughts.[4]

Chasing a Rebel shipEdit

After returning to the Pursuer, Kahi had a meeting with Nuress and the remaining members of Squadron Five. He was informed that Graw had been communicating with the Rebels and planning to defect. He refused to believe it and postulated that there was a spy on-board trying to spread disinformation. Broosh speculated that Graw was collecting evidence so she could turn it over to the Imperial Security Bureau. After the meeting, Kahi thanked Broosh for standing up for Graw, but Broosh angrily explained he was covering himself. He told Kahi having a traitor under his command would reflect badly on him. Kahi was also told that his judgement might be questionable, but due to the needs of the upcoming mission, he would not be kicked out of the squadron. Kahi was present when Broosh greeted the two cadets that were assigned to Squardron Five to replace lost personnel. Afterwords, he went to the shooting range with Brebtin. Kahi attended a meeting with the rest of Squadron Five where Broosh laid out his plans to attack the Rebel ship that was gathering Imperial defectors. Kahi asked if they were going to take prisoners, but Broosh hoped that the battle would end the Rebellion.[2]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Kahi was a proficient pilot.[4]


Notes and referencesEdit

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