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Gardulla the Elder, a famous Hutt crime lord and gangster

"You're a murderer also. You killed Jabba the Hutt in cold blood, assassinated him with hatred in your heart. See yourself for what you really are!"
"I killed that thug Jabba in self-defense. He was the most corrupt and vile gangster in the universe!"
Trioculus and Leia Organa Solo[src]

Gangsters were usually criminals, who participated as members of criminal organizations. Gangsters were prevalent across the galaxy. Sometimes known as thugs, gangsters often engaged in extortion, intimidation, bribery, and even murder to wield influence or instill fear in individuals or organizations.[1]

Some kept a low profile, engaging in low-level extortion rings or drug trafficking, such the sale of death sticks by the Bando Gora crime organization,[2] or the robbery and hijacking of starships and their freight, by Bogga the Hutt and his Enforcers.[3] Other gangsters engaged in much more widespread and obvious forms of illegal activity, such as the numerous slavery rings run and operated by the various Hutt clans.[4]



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