The Gank Massacres took place from 4800 BBY to 4775 BBY.


After the discovery of Ryll, the Neimoidians acquired the distribution rights to the drug. The Porporites, a newly discovered species, quickly became addicted to ryll, whipping them into a homicidal frenzy. The Galactic Republic attempted to stop the Porporites by sending the Jedi Knights and conventional military, but they withstood everything the Republic used. Terrified for their safety (and their product), the Neimoidians hired several Gank mercenaries to protect them. Sadly, the Ganks decided that the best course of action was to exterminate the Porporites. After that, the Ganks embarked on a full scale war against the Republic. Supreme Chancellor Vocatara was forced to commission the building of Juggernaut war droids to end the fighting.

The massacres also saw the first use of the modern lightsabers, independent of the power packs used during the Great Hyperspace War some two centuries earlier. Also, the Republic rocket-jumpers were part of the Republic forces that participated in the conflict.

Jedi Master Shayoto mentioned the Gank Massacres during the Conclave at Deneba, in 3997 BBY.



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