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"I'm a Jedi. I'm one with the Force, and the Force will guide me."

Ganodi was a female Rodian Jedi initiate during the Clone Wars. She attended a Gathering on Ilum, where, along with other Jedi initiates, she would find her lightsaber crystal in Ilum's Crystal Caves. Ganodi initially helped her fellow youngling Gungi on his quest for his lightsaber crystal, and after an exhausting search for her own, grew very frustrated when she entered a cave full of thousands of crystals. After she calmed down, she was able to finally focus on the Force and identify her kyber crystal.[2]

When the time came to assemble their lightsabers on board the Crucible, Ganodi was doubtful that Huyang would be much help since he was a droid. As the younglings were assembling their lightsabers, Weequay pirates boarded their ship. Under the supervision of Padawan Ahsoka Tano, Ganodi accompanied Zatt to secure the cockpit with R2-D2. When pirates captured Tano, Ganodi, and the other initiates went on a rescue mission to save her, following the pirates to the planet Florrum.[4]

While the other younglings plotted a heist to free Tano from the pirate base, Ganodi stayed with R2-D2 to work on repairing their ship.[3] When the younglings attempted to leave the planet, Ganodi and the others faced the cyborg Jedi killer and Separatist leader General Grievous, proving herself to be a brave young Jedi.[5]

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