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"I'm a Jedi. I'm one with the Force, and the Force will guide me."

A Force-sensitive Rodian female, Ganodi was a Jedi initiate during the Clone Wars.[1] She attended a Gathering on Ilum, where, along with other Jedi initiates, she would find her lightsaber crystal in Ilum's Crystal Caves. Ganodi got frustrated during the process, but finally focused on the Force and found her Kyber crystal.

Ganodi also faced down Weequay pirates[4] when they raided their ship when the initiates were creating their lightsabers. The pirates then captured Ahsoka Tano, but Ganodi and the other initiates went on a rescue mission to save her.

Ganodi also faced the cyborg Jedi killer General Grievous,[5] proving herself to be a brave young Jedi.

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