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"I'm a Jedi. I'm one with the Force, and the Force will guide me."

Ganodi was a female Rodian Jedi Initiate who served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.


Gathering on IlumEdit

Ganodi-Crystal Caves

Ganodi searching for her lightsaber crystal within the Crystal Caves.

A Force-sensitive Rodian, Ganodi was trained in the ways of the Force at the Coruscant Jedi Temple. When the Clone Wars erupted between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Order's members were forced to serve in the Grand Army of the Republic. As the war was waged around them, Ganodi was deemed to be one of the top members of her clan and suitable to travel to the sacred Jedi world of Ilum to participate in the ancient ritual known as The Gathering. Escorted to Ilum by Padawan Ahsoka Tano, Ganodi and several other Initiates met with Grand Master Yoda in the Temple at the mouth of the Crystal Caves.[1]

Entering into the caves in search of a crystal for use in her personal lightsaber, Ganodi was accompanied by fellow Initiate Gungi as they searched the labyrinthine caves. Coming across a massive subterranean lake, Gungi was confident that his crystal lay on a frozen island in the midst of the lake. Parting ways so the Wookiee could pursue his own journey, Ganodi delved deeper into the caves, finding her mission to be hopeless as she couldn't find any crystals. Cursing her mentors for sending her into the caves to freeze to death, Ganodi fell into a cave filled with crystals, and was struck by the fear she would not be able to find her own unique crystal most attuned to her. Despite her fear, Ganodi found hope in the Force and was guided to the correct crystal, revealing the others to simply be illusions created by the caves manipulation of her fears. Making her way out of the caves and back to the Temple when the crystal was secured in her pocket, Master Yoda commended her on finding hope in the Force.[1]

Attack on the CrucibleEdit

"But he's a droid. You expect us to learn from a droid?"
―Ganodi talking about Huyang[src]

Returning to the Crucible, Ganodi and the rest of the younglings were eager to undertake the next part of their training—the actual construction of their lightsabers. On board, they met Professor Huyang, an ancient droid who taught lightsaber construction aboard the vessel. Ganodi was surprised that a droid would be able to train them in a Jedi art form, but Huyang assured the young Rodian that he was more than proficient in the matter. Huyang showed the younglings countless models of lightsabers, then asked them to visualize their own particular models. Once they were able to see their saber in their minds, only then would they be able to build the weapon. The meditation and construction, however, were interrupted by a sudden attack by Hondo Ohnaka and his pirate gang.[3]

Fortunately, Tano devised a plan to remove the ship from the pirates. Ganodi and Zatt were able to follow her plan and reach the cockpit where they were ordered to work with R2-D2 to get the power restored. In the process of disengaging from the pirate ship, the Acushnet, Tano was caught in the vacuum's pull. Though she was able to force every pirate from the Crucible, she ended up aboard the Acushnet instead, where she was quickly captured.

Rescuing AhsokaEdit

After Ahsoka was kidnapped by Hondo and his gang, Ganodi and the younglings continued their training onboard the Crucible where they were able to construct their lightsabers successfully, except Katooni. After receiving distress signal from Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ganodi followed Petro's way in rescuing Ahsoka when the ship's coolant was leaking. While the other younglings went on to rescue Ahsoka, Ganodi was indeed the only Youngling of the group to stay since she had attended pilot training.[3]


Ganodi and her friends stand up to General Grievous

Battle of FlorrumEdit

After the Younglings were successful in rescuing Ahsoka during an entertainment of Preigo's Traveling World of Wonder, Ganodi received contact from Petro to prepare the ship and leave Florrum. Eventually they could not escape when Ahsoka and the Younglings were been chased by Gwarm and a group of pirates that were able to pick up their trail. The pirates were successful in capturing them after the Crucible had crashed. When General Grievous droid army invaded the planet, Ahsoka and the younglings convinced them to free them and work together in rescuing Hondo Ohnaka.[4]

Eventually, they were able to find Hondo's cell and Hondo convinced the younglings to show him their lightsabers and see if they were ready for battle against the Separatists, but Katooni was the only one who didn't finish hershad hers. After freeing the rest of prisoners, Ganodi and the younglings went into battle against the droid army and were able to escape the planet from Slave I. The Younglings were safe with Obi-Wan when Hondo deposited them back to friendly space.

Personality and traitsEdit

Ganodi was somewhat unconfident like her classmate Katooni, but was very lively, smart, and had a bit of an attitude sometimes. She was the only known member of her clan to be able to fly a starship.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Ganodi was a young Jedi Initiate and one of the top in her class. She is able to use telekinesis being able to build her own lightsaber. She is capable with a lightsaber being able to strike down several battle droids, she is also the only one among her group that has pilot skills. Ganodi was also able to make repairs to Professor Huyang after he was damaged.



The various lightsabers possessed by the Young Jedi. Ganodi's lightsaber is at far right.

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