Gar-Oth was the ruler of an empire. In 31 BBY, under his command, the Yahk-Tosh invaded the homeworld of a rival empire, killing their ruler and enacting a form of martial law. Seeking to gain legitimacy as the new sovereign of the planet, Gar-Oth made arrangements to marry the heir to the planet's throne, Princess Lourdes. When his mystics envisioned a "foreseen one" that would prevent the marriage from happening, Gar-Oth decided to get the ritual over with as soon as possible. Before the ceremony could begin, the Yahk-Tosh emperor was digressed by the intervention of the Jedi Knight Yoshi Raph-Elan, who claimed to be Lourdes's husband. This angered Gar-Oth, who immediately attacked the apparently rival suitor. As the fight progressed, Gar-Oth decided to kill the princess as well. As he prepared to devour Lourdes, she stabbed and killed him.

Personality and traitsEdit

Although Gar-Oth's reason for invading the low-tech planet is unknown, he did so in a somewhat brutal manner. He was not above ordering civilians killed, whether for minor infractions such as missing the curfew, or to gain leeway in political negotiations. He did not accept becoming the ruler of the planet without a legitimizing marriage, which suggests that he adhered to some sort of succession tradition. Despite this, he did not hesitate attempting to remove obstacles to the throne, as evidenced by his lack of reluctance to attack Raph-Elan, and his subsequent decision to simply kill Princess Lourdes.

Gar-Oth was able to hold his own against a Jedi Knight, albeit a relatively new one, in combat. He was resistant to Raph-Elan's Jedi mind tricks, and possessed significant telepathic abilities himself, which he used to great extent when controlling his Goliath droid.



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