Gar Anstak was a male Mairan Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order during the Great Sith War. Recently from Maires in the Hapes Consortium, Anstak was shunned by his fellow Mairans, as all Jedi were by the peoples of the Consortium. He possessed black, rubbery skin and over forty tentacles which came in handy during his service as an archivist on Ossus.


Gar Anstak worked as a scholar on Ossus in the Great Jedi Library of Odan-Urr; gathering many artifacts in an underwater repository. Coming from a watery world, Anstak specialized in recovering and identifying artifacts from aquezous worlds such as Iskalon, Issor, and Drexel. Due to the necessity of keeping himself moist, and because the artifacts were water-based, Master Anstak established his offices in the submerged caverns of Imhar Canyon on Ossus, which was annexed to the library.

In 3996 BBY, when Ossus was devastated by the creation of the Cron Drift, courtesy of Aleema Keto of the Krath, Master Anstak`s remote office location protected it from annihilation. However, landslides resulting from the explosion trapped Anstak in his offices and hid them from the galaxy for millennia. Gar Anstak never managed to escape and his archives became his tomb. Before his death, Anstak created a holo-recording and left it in a location that would make it easy to find by explorers.

Always the archivist, Gar Anstak left directions in the recording to locate some ancient artifacts that were transferred to Derem City, located on Kamino. However, by the time his offices were discovered, Derem City itself became lost to the galaxy, completely submerged by Kamino`s rising seas. Those who eventually located Gar Anstak, his offices, and the recording, set off on a quest to locate these forgotten artifacts and ensure Master Anstak`s efforts were not in vain.


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