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"Squad! Atten…tion! I am Major Berra, but you can call me "Crazy Man"!"
―Gar Berra to squad of new recruits at Oracle Base[1]

Major Gar "Crazy Man" Berra was a Human male who served the Alliance to Restore the Republic as a training officer during the Galactic Civil War. Assigned to Oracle Base on the planet Tel III in the Brak sector, Berra's job was to train raw recruits into effective soldiers. A strict disciplinarian, he was hated by the recruits who trained under him due to his intense and demanding training methods. Berra, however, did not take their feelings toward him personally, as he knew that the training he gave them would ultimately save their lives in the field.


"You have been given to me to turn you into fighting beings! That is something I guarantee I will do!"
―Gar Berra, to squad of new recruits at Oracle Base[1]

Gar Berra was a Human male who served the Alliance to Restore the Republic as a training officer during the Galactic Civil War. At some point, he acquired the nickname "Crazy Man," which he acknowledged and allowed recruits to call him during their training periods. Trained in all forms of guerrilla warfare, Berra was assigned to Oracle Base on Tel III in the Brak sector, which operated as the headquarters of the Brak Sector Force, the local Rebel force in the region. He was the head training officer on the base, holding the rank of major, with a staff of four other officers under him.[1]

Berra worked from the Training Cavern, a large natural cave occupying the lowest level of Oracle Base. Berra and his team of training officers used the space to instruct recruits in combat tactics and weapons skills amongst a variety of terrain types. Berra maintained an office at the back of the cavern, and saw the entire level as his own domain. His job was to turn raw recruits into effective soldiers, and to give experienced troopers refresher courses or specialized training.[1]

Running intensive training courses that lasted one or two weeks, Berra confined his charges to the Training Cavern. The recruits ate and slept in a barracks at the rear of the cavern, while Berra put them rapidly through their paces, honing their existing skills and making them learn new ones quickly. He instilled discipline within the recruits, and expected instant obedience from them.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"By the end of this session, you'll all hate me. But, I won't take it personally because I know my training will save your hides!"
―Gar Berra, to squad of new recruits at Oracle Base[1]

Gar Berra was a bald, light-skinned, solidly-built short man who presented himself as a confident and imposing figure. He ruled the Training Cavern at Oracle Base, treating it and the recruits assigned to him as his domain and subjects. An expert in guerrilla warfare tactics, he used his knowledge and experience to teach others how to survive in combat. Confident of his own abilities as a training instructor, Berra promised his charges that they would become better soldiers under his tutelage, expecting both total obedience and instant reaction to his orders.[1]

Although Berra knew that his tough and demanding courses would give each recruit cause to despise him, he did not take it personally. He took comfort in the fact that his training would keep them alive, a fact that his recruits generally acknowledged and were grateful for when it saved them on the battlefield. Berra was trained in a variety of weapons, including blasters, grenades, missile weapons, and thrown weapons. He was also proficient in both unarmed and melee combat. Berra was also an expert in survival and stealth techniques and was trained in demolitions use.[1]


Berra always dressed in combat gear and fatigues, and was also known to wear an Alliance military uniform. He carried a heavy blaster pistol, a belt of six thermal detonators, a vibro-shiv and a datapad.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Gar Berra was created for Flashpoint! Brak Sector, a supplement for the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game by West End Games written by Sterling Hershey and published in April 1995. The illustration of Berra was provided by Mike Vilardi.[1]


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