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"I mean, do they even bother training these bucket-heads? My old gran's a better fighter, and she's only two meters tall!"
―Garazeb Orrelios[src]

The grandmother of Garazeb Orrelios was a female Lasat. She stood two meters tall, which was considered smaller than average according to her species' standards. At some point in her life, she gave birth to a child who, at his or her turn, became one of Garazeb Orrelios' parents.[1] By 3272 LY,[2] she had lived on her homeworld of Lasan for three hundred dust seasons, during which she had survived many hardships,[1] including the genocide of her people by the Galactic Empire.[3] Orrelios once mused that the fighting abilities of his grandmother were far superior to that of the stormtroopers, the elite shock troops of the Galactic Empire. Despite that unflattering comparison, Orrelios was fond of his grandmother.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Surrender, rebels!"
"Surrender to bucket-heads?! Karabast! My old gran was a better fighter—and she was only two meters tall!"
―A stormtrooper and Garazeb Orrelios during the Mission to Kaller[src]

Garazeb Orrelios mentions his grandmother in past tense.

In Rise of the Rebels Garazeb Orrelios uses present tense when talking about his grandmother, but in Kanan 10 he uses past tense to talk about her.[4]


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