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"What an incredible smell you've discovered!"
Han Solo[1]

Garbage Compactor 3263827 was a garbage compactor on the first Death Star where Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Princess Leia Organa were temporarily stranded after freeing Organa from Detention Block AA-23 in 0 BBY. "3263827" was a hatch number.

The magnetically sealed facility was infested by a dianoga creature, which was placed there to exterminate vermin. The dianoga grabbed Skywalker's legs and pulled him down under the liquid. The Rebels were soon released from the garbage compactor when R2-D2 disabled all garbage compactors on the detention level of the Death Star, on orders by Luke Skywalker.

It was a compactor of recyclable waste. It was destroyed when the Alliance attack on the battlestation succeeded.

Behind the scenes[]

Feeling the Squeeze

Luke being attacked by the dianoga in the Death Star garbage masher

At the time of filming, 326-3827 was Mark Hamill's real phone number, and he decided to improvise the line to sneak the number into the film so it would be forever preserved. This caused some contention between Hamill and Harrison Ford as Ford kept repeating his own phone number, which annoyed Hamill as the reference had been his idea. Finally Ford read out the number and retorted "Happy now you big baby?", causing Hamill to laugh.[2]

In the revised fourth draft of A New Hope, the film's novelization and Star Wars (1977) 4, this garbage compactor's number is 366117891. In the 1981 Star Wars radio drama, its number is 326827.

A garbage compactor similar to this appears in the multiplayer map "Death Star" in Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. A garbage compactor is also in the "Death Star" map in Star Wars: Battlefront II.


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