"Ugh! Of course, it has to be a garbage pit. Well, let's go… No one ever said being a Jedi was glamorous."
Kyle Katarn[src]

Garbage pits, also known as garbage chutes, were pits used as trash dumps on planets and space stations across the galaxy. Dianogas were known to inhabit garbage pits due to sightings on-board The Wheel and in a trash compactor aboard the first Death Star,[1] among other locations.

Garbage pits on Coruscant were used to relieve the planet of its massive amounts of garbage through a system that launched garbage into deep space. Illegal races were commonly held in Coruscant garbage pits. Racers would put on wings and try to fly to the bottom of the pit, grab a scale off giant worms that lived at the bottom of the pit, and fly back to the top of the pit and the other side without getting hit by the cannons. Anakin Skywalker participated in one of these races while being chased by a Blood Carver named Ke Daiv. Obi-Wan Kenobi then followed him into the races to help.[2]


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