The garbage worm was a genetically-manufactured creature, and one of Coruscant's most primitive and essential organisms to the garbage handling system. Any trash not packaged for orbital export was mixed with oils to be processed by the garbage worms. They chewed it down to tiny pellets, removing any last bits of organics, plastic, or recoverable metal. They reduced millions of tons of these pellets into carbon dioxide, methane, and other organics.

Thousands, if not millions of worms occupied the garbage level of the city-planet. Their glass-like scales were large and loose, prized by collectors for their glittery quality. The largest worms were up to several hundred meters long and three or four meters wide in diameter. Their bodies had lines of small blue-black eyes.

Rumor had it that a garbage worm could eat a useless hyperdrive core and survive—at least, for a few seconds.

The creatures were found on Raxus Prime, and also used on Belsavis.

Use in sportsEdit

These creatures were a large part of illegal garbage pit racing, where a contestant had to take a scale from the worm and bring it back to the finish. Their scales also served as sports memorabilia in the racing culture.

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