"Former businessman, retired to a moon of Hosko about a decade back. Pretty sedate tastes for a Hutt, likes to avoid trouble. Now, with the Cartel-Republic alliance, he's terrified of being caught in the crossfire. So he came up with a plan."
―Beryl Thorne[src]

Garblaque was a Hutt businessman who lived during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Around 3650 BBY, Garblaque retired to a moon of the planet Hosko, and was considered to have rather laid-back tastes for a Hutt. He was terrified of conflict, and so when the Galactic War erupted, he bankrupted himself building a luxury dreadnaught called the Haven. In order to pay for the ship, he began auctioning off thousands of tickets to the ship, which would embark on a ten-year pleasure cruise in order to wait out the galactic conflict.


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