The Garden Level was a gigantic greenhouse located within the Jedi Academy on Ossus. It contained waterfalls and huge amounts of Yuuzhan Vong flora and was used as a place of meditation and study.


Following the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Grand Master Luke Skywalker commissioned the construction of the Jedi academy on Ossus. A giant structure of stone, it was designed with two pyramids, a basic ziggurat as the base and an inverted pyramid served as the upper layers. Between the two at the point of intersection, a block of reflective transparisteel contained the gardens.


The secret treasure trove created by the Yuuzhan Vong.

The enormous green house occupied several stories of the academy. After the conception of the Ossus Project, served as a base for Master Shaper Nei Rin and her assistants. Several laboratories lay off of the main chamber where Jedi Masters and Yuuzhan Vong could study and test different types of foliage.

After the Massacre at Ossus, the remaining Shapers hid in a secret area under the room and it was here that they hid the remaining Jedi artifacts. Jedi Shado Vao, K'Kruhk, and Cade Skywalker were sparring here when they discovered Nei Rin's secret lair.

When Darth Stryfe entered the planet's orbit, the Sith destroyed the Temple and the Garden Level was lost forever.

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