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«My dragon is hungry. Throw this scum in!»
Gardulla the Elder, sentencing Jango Fett.[src]

Gardulla's krayt dragon was a vicious beast kept by Gardulla the Elder. She would often feed her prisoners and enemies to it in a way similar to that of Jabba the Hutt and his rancor.


This canyon krayt dragon, owned by Gardulla Besadii the Elder, lived on Tatooine as her "pet" for an unknown amount of time before the bounty hunter Jango Fett arrived in 32 BBY after receiving a tip from Jabba on her dealings with the Bando Gora.

After Jango had been captured by Gardulla's forces, he was to be fed to the beast in place of Zam Wesell, who was to be sold instead. After his armor and weapons had been removed, he had been placed in the arena, alongside two Gamorrean guards who were to ensure his execution. After a short speech by Gardulla, the krayt dragon was released. However, thanks to his skill, Jango managed to escape the arena, leaving the beast to deal with the two Gamorreans instead.

After fighting his way through the rest of Gardulla's palace, he came face to face with the Hutt herself inside her throne room. After speaking with her, the Hutt released the krayt dragon into the room in a last attempt to kill the bounty hunter, but did not count on Jango walking behind her and shoving her down in front of the beast, who then consumed her whole. Jango would then go on to fight the beast, ultimately besting it after a lengthy battle. Eventually, the dragon, finding Gardulla indigestible, spat the Hutt out.

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