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"We're all like trees in Gardulla's pleasure garden . . . trapped here, rooted in a place that we don't want to be." —young Anakin Skywalker, slaveboy of Tatooine[1]

Gardulla Besadii's pleasure garden was located in the Hutt's fortress on the planet Tatooine.

The garden was located underground, and was populated by many species of predatory plants and animals (with its soils even prone to swallow). These included Deneba bushes, vesuvague trees, glurpfish, swamp slugs, quickclay, cucul, worrts, temptors, urchins, syren plants, and birds from the Ottega system called Eye-snatchers.

By 32 BBY, other predatory beasts, known for their particular ferocities but held as yet in reserve, were being negotiated by Gardulla to join the garden's other denizens at some point in the future. All of these bestial plants and animals were meant to prey on the life-force of captives and innocents alike: such as the delicate and beautiful creatures of Endor called Wisties or those of Datar, known as Ghostlings.

Harboring such perverse entertainment delights for herself and her guests meshed well with Gardulla's unquenchable lust to ever witness the pain and suffering of countless alien victims from a thousand worlds—particularly those chosen, unwary creatures constrained by her cruel and twisted will to venture into the garden, upon its completion. Theirs would be a forced visit to a violent arena that, on first blush, would appear disarmingly peaceful—cloaked by nature—but which in reality would prove to be a venture meant solely for the 'pleasure' of its spectators, when nature disrobed itself at the Hutt's own predatory bidding.[2]

The garden was constructed by Ho'Din gardeners, including Oo Wen.


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