"Me, I think you'll do the right thing. But Gargachykk, he's not so convinced. He always expects the worst from people."
―Asa Naga, threatening Feen Fenoob[1]

Gargachykk, or Garga, was a male Wookiee enforcer in the employ of the Dug Black Sun Vigo Darnada. In 33 BBY, Gargachykk and fellow enforcer Asa Naga tried to collect a gambling debt from the Sullustan Feen Fenoob aboard Darnada's space station, but their prey evaded them. However, Fenoob was then killed by a newcomer to the station—the Zabrak Sith Lord Darth Maul. Maul, concealing his identity as a Sith Lord, revealed himself to Gargachyyk and Naga and asked to be taken to Darnada so he could join Black Sun. Once the two enforcers brought him before their boss, Maul slaughtered the Vigo, Gargachyyk, and all of Darnada's henchmen except for Naga.


"I came to kill you. All of you."
―Darth Maul, shortly before slaying Gargachykk[1]

Gargachykk, or "Garga" for short, was a male Wookiee who worked as an enforcer for the Dug Black Sun Vigo Darnada in the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo in 32 BBY. At some point in his life, he lost his left eye and wore an eye patch to cover the empty socket. In 33 BBY, Gargachykk and a fellow enforcer named Asa Naga were dispatched by Darnada to collect a gambling debt from the Sullustan Feen Fenoob aboard Darnada's space station. Gargachykk and Naga waited for Fenoob inside the station's hangar and confronted him when the Sullustan ran into the hangar in an attempt to hide there.[1]

Gargachykk decapitated by Maul

The enforcers captured Fenoob and prepared to take him to Darnada, but the Sullustan unexpectedly used flash globes to temporarily blind them and escape from their grasp. Gargachykk and Naga continued their search for the debtor, but soon each of them separately found Fenoob's dead body, severed at the waist, near a parked ship. They then encountered a tattooed Zabrak close by, in possession of a partially-ignited, red-bladed lightsaber. Naga ordered the stranger not to move, but the Zabrak deactivated his weapon and told the enforcers that they should not fear him. He introduced himself as Maul, said that he had killed Fenoob, and asked to be taken to Darnada so that he could join Black Sun.[1]

Believing that Darnada could use someone like Maul, Naga agreed, and he and Gargachykk escorted the newcomer to Darnada's quarters. Naga presented Maul to Darnada, but the Dug was not impressed and asked Maul to reveal his true reason for coming to his station. Maul—who was actually a Sith Lord named Darth Maul on assignment for his Master, Darth Sidious—replied that he had come to kill everyone present on the station and activated his double-bladed lightsaber. Gargachykk was the first to react and charged at the Zabrak with his blaster rifle, but Maul cut off his right arm and beheaded him with one swift strike, killing the Wookiee. Maul then slaughtered Darnada and all his men save Naga, whom he spared in order to spread word of Darnada's death to other Black Sun leaders.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"So what's it gonna be, Feen? We gonna be able to work this out? 'Cause the other option… I mean, you do know how fond Wookiees are of pulling arms out of sockets."
―Asa Naga, threatening Feen Fenoob with Gargachykk[1]

Gargachykk was a large and powerfully built Wookiee with black eyes and white hair, which he styled in three long braids below his chin. According to Asa Naga, Gargachykk was not very trusting of people and always expected the worst from them. While threatening Feen Fenoob, Naga also hinted that Gargachykk would rip the Sullustan's arms out of their sockets if he did not comply. Gargachykk was loyal to Darnada and attacked Darth Maul as soon as the latter activated his lightsaber, but the Wookiee was quickly killed.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Gargachykk first appeared in Darth Maul (2000) 2, a 2000 comic book written by Ron Marz and illustrated by Jan Duursema as part of the Star Wars: Darth Maul comic series.[1] In the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, Gargachykk's name appeared as a possible leader for AI players controlling the Wookiee faction in the standard game mode,[2] and in 2008, he received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[3]



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