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"You do what you do so you can punish a little boy who once made some holodramas for the Empire."
―Ton Phanan to Garik Loran[6]

Garik "Face" Loran was a male Human Imperial holovid child star who joined the Rebel Alliance as a starfighter pilot and became a member of Wraith Squadron by Wedge Antilles. As part of the Wraiths' first assignments, Loran participated in the Zsinj campaign, helping in the New Republic's effort to defeat Warlord Zsinj. He flourished in the Wraiths, using his skills and talents at acting. Loran's posing as Captain Zurel Darillian lured Admiral Apwar Trigit into a trap at Ession which led to the destruction of the Implacable. Later, Loran was called upon to adopt the persona of pirate General Kargin, the leader of the Hawk-bat Independent Space Force, in order to earn the confidence of Zsinj. Loran succeeded, and the ruse led to the loss of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Razor's Kiss that Zsinj had attempted to abscond with. Based on his leadership and accomplishments, Loran eventually was promoted to captain and became the commander of the Wraiths after Antilles transferred back to Rogue Squadron. Also during this time he became romantically involved with fellow Wraith Dia Passik, whom he eventually married.

When the New Republic Intelligence Service took over Wraith Squadron, Loran followed the unit over to Intelligence. He masterminded a plan to eliminate Imperial admiral Kosh Teradoc on Ryvester in 13 ABY, which also saw the rescue of gemologist Mulus Cheems. Loran served as commander of the Wraiths for many years, including through the entire Yuuzhan Vong War. He helped defend Borleias and infiltrate occupied Coruscant, along with Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker, Tahiri Veila, and Danni Quee, the latter mission resulting in the elimination of the dangerous Dark Jedi Lord Nyax before the Dark Jedi could escape from the planet. Loran was present in the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar when the newly reorganized Galactic Alliance retook the planet from the Yuuzhan Vong, ending the war.

After the war, Loran continued to serve in Galactic Alliance intelligence, earning a promotion to general. During this time, he adopted his wife's daughter Adra Passik. After the Second Galactic Civil War, Loran was forced into retirement as part of a purge instituted by the newly installed Daala regime. However, in 44 ABY, after Daala's replacement, Loran was called back by the head of Galactic Alliance Security, Borath Maddeus, and asked to investigate the chief of the Galactic Alliance Army, Stavin Thaal, who was suspected of possible involvement in a conspiracy to overthrow the Galactic Alliance. Loran put together two separate teams of Wraiths to accomplish this goal and assisted them as he could, though he kept his true activities hidden from Maddeus. As the isolated Wraith teams uncovered evidence implicating Thaal, Loran and his family were targeted by assassins. Loran and his family faked their deaths, and the two Wraith teams captured Thaal after exposing his plan to defect from the Galactic Alliance with a private army. Loran's findings also revealed that Maddeus was in league with Thaal, which led to Loran confronting and capturing Maddeus. He was then asked by Chief of State Wynn Dorvan to take over as head of Galactic Alliance Security, which he accepted, while also maintaining the secret existence of the revived Wraith Squadron.


Childhood and early career[]

"I was hand-picked to be the boy most likely to be the subject of crushes."
―Garik Loran to Tyria Sarkin on his childhood[4]

A Pantolomin native of Lorrdian heritage, as a child Loran made thinly veiled Imperial propaganda holodramas such as The Black Bantha, Jungle Flutes, and Win or Die—becoming in many ways the galaxywide poster child for Imperial recruitment. Sometime in his childhood acting career, Loran acquired the moniker "Face" for his comely appearance, and it stuck with him the rest of his life. Kidnapped by an extremist cell that had been kicked out of the Rebel Alliance, his face was scarred when Imperial stormtroopers massacred his kidnappers in a rescue attempt. However, before his captors were killed, they gave him a thorough briefing in the atrocities committed by the Empire and Imperial Intelligence as a precursor to his planned execution. Loran used this occasion to disappear, leaving his fans to believe that he had died in the fight. His supposed death was used by the Empire to sully the image of the New Republic by blaming them for his death. Loran did decide to leave the scar, though, seeing it as a reminder of how much he had helped the Imperial cause.[4] After the encounter, Loran quietly returned to his home on Pantolomin; his parents later sent him to Lorrd, their homeworld, while publicly maintaining the death of the famous holostar.[1]

As a youth on Lorrd, he took the alias of Kal zet Berri and was taken in by the governor of Lorrd, Zenobia le Ingiana, as a favor to Loran's parents. He attended the Sebs Jemas Flight School in Lorrd City and was already considering joining the Rebel Alliance. During his stay on Lorrd, he occasionally visited a starship dealership in the city of Qatamer, Hart and Parn Starships, as he was interested in starfighters. On one such visit, Loran climbed into an R-22 Spearhead starfighter and played a trick on a pair of nearby children about his age, Zak and Tash Arranda, by activating the starfighter's targeting system, scaring them. He then climbed out of the starfighter and introduced himself to them, though shortly thereafter, the three were escorted from the premises due to Loran's shenanigans. As it turned out, the Arrandas were staying with the governor as well, so the three youths were able to spend time together. Later, Loran showed the two Arrandas around Qatamer, pointing out sights and locations of interest. He also helped them play a joke on their uncle Mammon Hoole by imitating Tash's voice.[2]

Not long thereafter, the Arrandas uncovered an Imperial plot to unleash buried ancient weapons on Lorrd. After being captured, they escaped and foiled the Imperial plot, but the last Imperial agent, Raygar, attempted to destroy them with a thermal detonator. "Borrowing" the R-22 from Hart and Parn's lot, Loran flew to the rescue and saved both the Arrandas, but damaged the starship in the process. He was unconcerned by the damage, though, and wondered if the proprietor, Hart-and-Parn Gorra-Fiolla, would let him buy the ship instead. He also revealed his true identity to the Arrandas before they departed with their uncle.[2]

Upon reaching maturity, Loran used his own money to purchase his own A-wing starfighter and joined the New Republic, where he was assigned to Colonel Edor Crespin's Comet Squadron. After being forced to eject to avoid a proton torpedo, Loran bought an X-wing "for variety" but ended up at the same base Crespin commanded. The colonel considered Loran's previous Imperial filmwork a disgrace; a resulting altercation between the two resulted in Loran insulting Crespin, leaving little hope for the former actor's piloting career.

He had a brief relationship with a female lieutenant at the Academy, which included him being locked out of his quarters naked as a practical joke. Though Loran played off the joke, he was still written up and had to clean everyone's boots for graduation. The actor was a poor fit in the disciplined life of military command, and charges of insubordination dogged his career. In truth, Loran despised himself for furthering the Imperial cause and projected his own self-loathing towards authority of any kind.[4]

Wraith Squadron[]

"Face is one of our intrusion experts, proficient in makeup, speaks several languages other than Basic—"
"Don't forget, master actor."
―Wedge Antilles and Garik Loran[4]

In 7 ABY Loran found a last chance as New Republic starfighter pilots Wedge Antilles and Wes Janson began building the starfighter-commando hybrid squad that would become known as Wraith Squadron at Folor Base. The candidates Antilles and Janson recruited were largely those facing the end of their career due to disciplinary failures or impending court-martial. Loran did well in squadron training, scoring second in the rankings behind demolitions expert Kell Tainer. Once the squad was assembled, Flight Officer Loran earned the designation Wraith Eight. He quickly became friends with his wingman Ton Phanan, a medical doctor almost as bitter as Loran.[4]


"If the miracle Bothan fails, Captain Darillian the Magnificent will save the day."
―Garik Loran on his charade as Zurel Darillian[4]

When Imperial Apwar Trigit arrived over Folor to attack the base, Loran helped sound the alarm, and participated in the subsequent ambush against Trigit's TIE Fighters that he sent against the base. Loran, who already had four kills to his name from his prior service, scored two more, becoming an ace in his first engagement with the Wraiths. The Wraiths, who had avoided any casualties in the engagement, jumped out of Folor base, only to have the entire squadron disabled by an empion mine planted by Trigit's forces in the midst of an asteroid field. With one X-wing permanently disabled and hostiles likely to show up soon, Loran suggested leaving the craft behind with a pilot in a jury-rigged pilot's chair with a laser rifle. When their attackers pulled in the debris from the attack, the pilot could protect himself. The idea evolved until they had left Wraith pilot Voort saBinring in a shielded compartment pulled from their Lambda-class shuttle, Narra, with a small repulsorlift and a stripped-down laser cannon. When the corvette Night Caller arrived, saBinring was pulled into the ship and hit the bridge with the crude laser cannon weapon, killing the captain. Once the rest of the squadron burst from cover in their freshly repaired X-wings, the corvette quickly surrendered, and Antilles decided to have them pose as the Night Caller's crew, as they had learned that Trigit was unaware of the capture of the ship.[4]

Garik Loran

Garik Loran

Loran, with his talents in acting and disguise, posed as both "Lieutenant Narol" with the aid of some impromptu prosthetics for a disguise and Captain Zurel Darillian. The Wraiths visited Viamarr 4, where Loran had his first performance and learned that Zsinj was setting up businesses under fake names on signatory worlds to generate resources and income. The deception became more complex when Jesmin Ackbar and Eurrsk Thri'ag used Darillian's holorecorded diary to generate an overlay of Darillian over Loran, generating a lifelike holograph of the captain over Loran's words and movements. The Night Caller's next visit was to Xartun, where Loran revealed the location of a transparisteel manufacturing plant, which the other Wraiths later blew up after the disguised Loran left. Loran also helped fight against a group of pirates on M2398 after negotiations soured, delivering the eulogy of Jesmin Ackbar after she was slain in combat.[4]

Shortly afterwards, Loran employed his acting skills in a different manner when he and fellow Wraiths posed as members of Talon Squadron, Wraith Myn Donos's first command, to help Donos snap out of the catatonia brought upon him by the destruction of Talon Squadron in an Imperial trap. The next day, Loran had his first conversation as Darillian with Zsinj via holocomm. The warlord instructed him to aid Apwar Trigit in finishing off the survivors of Folor Base—ironically, Loran was one of those survivors. Zsinj also instructed them to rendezvous with a supply ship. To avert having to let the crewmen onto their ship, Loran and the other Wraiths conducted a mission to Storinal to steal biological agents and TIE fighters, where Loran posed as a stereotypical country idiot from Agamar. Using the agents, they infected the supply ship's shuttle with Bunkurd Sewer Disorder, preventing a rendezvous for fear of contagion.[4]

Trapping the Implacable[]

"Thank you, thank you. Performances every hour, on the hour. Imperial madmen a speciality."
―Garik Loran after deceiving Trigit[4]

After a quick raid on Todirium III in the Night Caller, Trigit instructed "Darillian" to meet him to attack Talasea, where Rebel forces were believed to be congregating. Arriving in-system, the Wraiths realized that Trigit had figured out the trap and dropped the Implacable out of hyperspace prematurely, leaving the frigate Provocateur and the corvette Constrictor for the Wraiths to engage. At the ensuing Battle of Talasea, Loran invented a tactic that came to be known as the "Loran Spitball," in which a group of X-wings would fire a salvo of proton torpedoes while still in their carrier's bow hangar, providing an unexpected addition to a ship's firepower in the opening moments of battle. Loran was heading towards his fighter when Night Caller took a hit that destroyed the bridge, leaving Loran to take over the ship from the auxiliary bridge. The Wraiths defeated the two other ships in the following engagement, and Loran was promoted to lieutenant for his actions.[4]

Following a hasty refit, the Night Caller headed out to again try and trap the Implacable. Loran convinced both Zsinj and Trigit that they had barely escaped an ambush and that they should attack the Rebels at Ession. Upon their arrival in that system, Loran had to improvise another performance, almost blowing his assumed identity when Admiral Trigit discovered he was unfamiliar with the Imperial Intelligence term "follow best." However, Loran delivered an impromptu speech detailing "Darillian's" supposed love for Intelligence Director Ysanne Isard, impressing the Admiral and allowing Night Caller to gain a critical launch point for the next engagement.[4]

In the Battle of Ession, Loran flew in his X-wing with the Wraiths and the Night Caller against Zsinj, with the aid of Rogue Squadron, General Horton Salm's Green Squadron of BTL Y-wing starfighters, and General Crespin's Blue Squadron of A-wings. The Night Caller executed the Loran Spitball against the Implacable, weakening the vessel while Antilles put the ship into a dust cloud on Ession's moon, hiding it from the Star Destroyer. After a long engagement, the Wraiths destroyed the Implacable, though they lost Thri'ag and Falynn Sandskimmer and several pilots were forced to eject-including Loran's wingman Phanan, who lost his spleen after being hit by debris from the failing ship. For his part, Loran scored kills on the Implacable's TIEs and also helped torpedo the Destroyer. After the battle, the Wraiths received leave on the planet Borleias.[4]

Return to action[]

"I think the Iron Fist is of tremendous importance to Warlord Zsinj, not just as a powerful weapons platform but also as a symbol, both of his career and his power."
―Garik Loran on Zsinj[6]

The squadron then returned to Coruscant, but all their leave time hadn't expired yet. While in a bar, they were attacked by a cyborg and got into a bar fight. Military police quickly responded, rounding them up for the altercation, but Loran noticed that their captain's walking mannerisms and story didn't add up, and he signaled Antilles of the trap, who gave Loran the lead. Loran struck the first blow, and the Wraiths quickly put down the ersatz policemen, who were later discovered to be infiltrators. Loran received some official scrutiny for his actions and judgment, but he proved his talent for matching a person's mannerism and walking style with their planet, exonerating himself.[6]

The incident resulted in cancellation of their leave time and Antilles put them to work trying to "get inside" Zsinj's mind to figure out what his modus operandi and motives were. Loran led one of the planning groups, and concluded that Iron Fist was the key to both Zsinj's power and strategy, asserting that Zsinj would try to raid Kuat for a new Super Star Destroyer. Loran also somewhat facetiously surmised Ysanne Isard was alive, which the New Republic would learn years later was true.[6]

Loran also became involved in a plan to trap a corrupt New Republic Colonel Atton Repness in a blackmail and theft scheme that had already snared one of the Wraiths, Tyria Sarkin, back when she was attending the Academy. Loran and Ton Phanan recruited Lara Notsil, an intelligent prisoner from the Implacable who was believed to be Trigit's unwilling mistress, to be sponsored through pilot's training as bait for Repness. Notsil, officially free of scrutiny, agreed under the condition that she be admitted to Rogue or Wraith Squadron upon graduation from the Academy. Little did Loran or Phanan know that Notsil was actually Gara Petothel, one of Trigit's intelligence operatives, and well-trained enough to fool Loran by masking her Coruscanti heritage with a barely noticeable Aldivian accent. Notsil did better than expected, and eventually lured Repness out and betrayed him.[6]

Pirate Captain[]

"Fire at will. And may we drink from the skulls of our enemies tonight!"
―Garik Loran in the guise of General Kargin[6]

Acting on reports of Zsinj's recruitment of pirates, Loran and some of the other Wraiths were order to pose as the Hawk-bat Independent Space Force, with Loran using his acting skills and a large amount of fake burn scar makeup to become the leader of the group, General Kargin. The Wraiths infiltrated an Imperial base on Halmad using the same ruse that had been attempted against them on Coruscant, but in the guise of the Hawk-bats. They stole five TIE Interceptors to equip their forces with, in addition to the Sungrass, a dilapidated transport that served as their launching platform when they weren't at Hawk-bat Base, an abandoned mining base in the Halmad system. They started their piratical spree by attacking a tanker after Loran picked up their navigational data from a drunk crew member planetside, and continued from there. Loran and most of the other Wraiths made a short layover on Mon Remonda, the Mon Calamari cruiser where they were officially stationed, to pick up orders and supplies, and Notsil, fresh from graduating with honors on an accelerated training program, joined them as one of the Wraiths. This was much to Loran's relief, as his plan had stood a high chance of failure or angering Intelligence Director Airen Cracken.[6]

To maintain the deception that they were stationed on Mon Remonda, Loran and the Wraiths launched a raid on Lavisar against Imperial (non-Zsinj) forces stationed there, believing that Zsinj's elite Raptors were present. It was a deception by Zsinj though, designed to trick the New Republic into weakening Imperial worlds for Zsinj to take over. At the same time, Loran found himself plagued by pranks by a stuffed Ewok toy named Lieutenant Kettch and attracted to Dia Passik, a Twi'lek female who had recently joined the Wraiths.[6]


The death of Loran's wingman, Ton Phanan

Returning to Hawk-bat Base, where they had left Tainer, Phanan, Ekwesh, and Castin Donn, Loran resumed his sham role as Kargin, planning a strike on Halmad's two starfighter bases. However, he also grew concerned about his wingman and friend Ton Phanan, who had grown even more despondent and apathetic than ever. Before he could talk further with Phanan, they launched their assault on Halmad, except the planet had placed itself under Zsinj's protection.[6]

The Iron Fist arrived, and the Wraiths encountered reinforced planetary defenses after they seized the Bastion, an ancient refueling tanker in orbit. They aborted their mission, destroying numerous starfighters in their egress and slammed their captured tanker into Iron Fist to delay its pursuit, but Phanan was shot down and severely injured. Loran landed his ship to rescue him and, evading Zsinj's troops searching the countryside, found Phanan. He attempted to get the other pilot to safety, but Phanan refused to let Loran surrender in order to save him. Ton, realizing that he was dying and that he had made the mistake of letting his past consume him, confronted Loran for doing the same thing. Phanan died shortly afterwards, and left Loran as the sole beneficiary of his will. Loran, deeply grieved, destroyed the body of his wingman and returned to Hawk-bat Base. Reading Phanan's will, he discovered that Phanan's will specified that he use his newly acquired funds to remove the facial scar he had borne as a badge of remembrance and shame for many years, or lose all the money to hated holodrama rival Tetran Cowall.[6]

Meeting with Zsinj[]

"Ooh, you win mutineer. Prepare for space."
―Garik Loran, getting in character as General Kargin, to Kell Tainer[6]

Loran had little time to grieve, though, as Zsinj, impressed by their fighting skills over Halmad, had contacted the Hawk-bats and requested a meeting with them to discuss employment. As the head of the pirates and the squadron's lead actor, he was assigned to the mission, along with Dia Passik and Kell Tainer. Their meeting with Zsinj was quite profitable at first, with the warlord readily agreeing to hire them for a dangerous mission at a high price. Loran also got a chance to use saBinring's biologically altered background as a cover story for Lieutenant Kettch, whom Zsinj believed to be a member of the Hawk-bats based on comm modifications that had disguised Antilles' voice as that of an Ewok over Halmad. The reaction Loran received from Zsinj convinced him that the warlord knew more than he was letting on.[6]

The mission took a potentially lethal turn when Zsinj presented them with Wraith Castin Donn, who had infiltrated Iron Fist against orders to slice a malicious program into the vessel. He had failed and been captured, and now Zsinj requested that Loran execute the prisoner as a test of loyalty. Loran attempted to evade the request, but Zsinj insisted. Dia Passik, on the other hand, did not evade, and shot Donn right in the throat, having picked up that he had already been killed, and the appearance of him breathing was a façade.[6]

Once they left the Iron Fist, Loran had Passik explain her actions. As she did so, she lost emotional control and nearly committed suicide over the horror of what she had done. Loran stopped her from doing so, and thanked for her keeping them from being killed.[6]

Loran tried to take blame for Donn's death, but Antilles explained to him that it was Donn's fault for disobeying orders, as they had checked to see if he had stowed away prior to leaving. The unit's morale plummeted, even though they learned that their mission from Zsinj was actually a raid on Kuat to abscond with the latest Super Star Destroyer. Their spirits were somewhat lifted by a unit dance organized and held by Ekwesh to celebrate life, and Loran was set up to dance with Passik by Lara Notsil—his new wingman—and Janson, where Passik confessed her attraction to him and they shared a kiss.[6]

Loran then led the Hawk-bats into combat at Kuat with Zsinj's fleet against the Imperial defenders, with some of the Wraiths settling into advantageous positions to sabotage both the Super Star Destroyers later. Zsinj's forces got away with the new Destroyer, Razor's Kiss, but a program implanted in it by a Wraith gave the ship's location away. The Wraiths, excepting those closeted in ambush positions on the Star Dreadnaughts, met up with the anti-Zsinj New Republic fleet commanded by Han Solo and engaged Zsinj's forces. Loran flew in an X-wing this time, making runs against Razor's Kiss and defending the B-wing starfighters of Nova Squadron while they attacked Iron Fist. During the battle, Loran was hit severely, and considered making a suicide run into Iron Fist's shield generators. However, he recalled Phanan's final words and aborted his terminal run, allowing himself to be escorted back to a landing bay. While receiving medical treatment for his injuries, additionally, he had his scar removed. The rest of the Wraiths, all having survived the two engagements, reunited happily on the battered Mon Remonda to celebrate their victory.[6]

Hunting a warlord[]

"Wraiths, no rules. No mercy. Take out anything that gets between us and home."
―Garik Loran on Saffalore after being ambushed[7]

Garik Loran

After the destruction of Razor's Kiss, Loran and the Wraiths returned to Coruscant on Mon Remonda for refit and repairs for their craft and some down-time for the pilots. While there, Loran and Notsil created an innovative tactic using a paired TIE Interceptor and X-wing combination that used the X-wing's shields to cover the TIE, while the TIE covered the X-wing's tail. During the next squadron briefing, Loran received a promotion to brevet captain, becoming the interim leader of Wraith Squadron- as Antilles was taking command of all of Mon Remonda's fighters and returning to active Rogue Squadron duty. Loran took the callsign Wraith One & assigned Notsil as his wingman, Wraith Two .[7]

On their first mission after the refit, Zsinj's forces ambushed Mon Remonda, and Loran and the Wraiths were again assigned to cover Nova Squadron, but later helped bring down a Carrack-class light cruiser to alleviate the pressure being brought to bear on Mon Remonda. The starfighter assault succeeded in diverting enough enemy attention from Mon Remonda, and Solo's fleet escaped into hyperspace. After the battle, the New Republic pilots realized that since the destruction of Razor's Kiss, they had obtained little information on Zsinj's activities. Loran proposed faking up a Millennium Falcon to lure out the warlord, and the Wraiths procured another YT-1300 light freighter, dubbing it the Millennium Falsehood, to pose as the Falcon in a variety of decoy raids.[7]

First, though, the Wraiths planned to hit the Binring Biomedical Product facility on Saffalore that Zsinj had been using to alter various nonhuman species, a project that had produced Voort "Piggy" saBinring, a Gamorrean Wraith. Loran led the intrusion team, pushing deeper into the facility under the cover of night, but the entire place was a trap rigged to kill them. The trap was sprung when the intrusion team triggered a trap door that dropped them into an incinerator. They escaped after blasting the wall, but several pilots, including Loran, sustained burns and other injuries. He and the others blasted their way out of the complex in a daring, if foolhardy, assault, capturing Dr. Edda Gast, one of Zsinj's scientists, on the way out. Loran called in their air support, the Rogues, to cover their extraction. With Rogue Squadron flying cover, Loran and the others returned to Mon Remonda. Despite the injuries they suffered, he felt good about the mission, recognizing that his squadron had survived and succeeded in an environment rigged specifically to kill them.[7]

The Mon Remonda then attacked Zsinj's Raptors on Jussafet Four, an Imperial world, and defeated them after sustaining damage from brainwashed New Republic pilots. Afterwards, Imperial Admiral Teren Rogriss requested a meeting with one of Solo's officers. Loran was sent to meet the Imperial admiral and learned that Rogriss was Solo's Imperial counterpart: the head of an anti-Zsinj task force. The two agreed to tacitly work together against their common warlord enemy, though in a completely unofficial manner.[7]

Throughout her time in Wraith Squadron, Loran began to suspect that Lara Notsil was not who she seemed to be; when she was anxious, unguarded, or disturbed, her body language indicated to him that she was Coruscanti, not Aldivian. Loran put in a request to New Republic Intelligence for more information about her past. On their next mission to Kidriff Five, he received a data transmission that confirmed that Lara Notsil was really Gara Petothel, an Imperial Intelligence agent. Loran suspected she would try and betray the Wraiths, as he didn't know that Notsil had undergone a change of heart and ideology after joining the Wraiths. In the battle, Loran stayed away from the main fight, with his wingman Lara staying alongside him. As the Rogues and Wraiths were preparing to jump to hyperspace, Loran explained the situation to Wedge Antilles, but forgot to switch over to a private channel, so the entire squadron heard him. Myn Donos, whose squadron Gara Petothel had helped obliterate, went insane and tried to attack Lara, whom he had become attracted to prior to learning her identity. Loran placed his fighter between Donos and Notsil, nearly being blown away by a proton torpedo from the enraged Corellian. Lara, in response, told the Wraiths she was and always would be loyal to them and jumped to hyperspace. Wedge Antilles was not pleased, with Donos, or with Loran.[7]


"Your sarcasm generator not getting any power, Loran?"
―Wedge Antilles to Garik Loran[6]

Garik Loran with Wraith Squadron

However, their campaign continued, with the Wraiths executing a number of ground and air strike missions against Zsinj-allied business and Zsinj's military. On one mission to Comkin V, Loran helped escort the Millennium Falsehood, but they were attacked by the Dreadnaught Reprisal and Zsinj's TIE pilots, including Lara Notsil, who had been recruited by the warlord again. Using a bomb attached to their freighter, the Wraiths brought the Reprisal's shields down and exacerbated the damage with a proton torpedo salvo, which tore the ship apart. Then they fled into hyperspace, after receiving a communications burst that Lara had rigged her TIE's lasers to fire. Loran later helped analyze her transmission, in which she said she was trying to sabotage Zsinj, and concluded she was sincere in her intention to hurt Zsinj.[7]

Loran was then dispatched to liaise with Admiral Rogriss to borrow an Interdictor cruiser in an attack on Zsinj at Vahaba, based on what information Lara had passed on. Rogriss reluctantly agreed to bring the Interdictor, personally transferring his flag to the vessel. Loran and Ekwesh were assigned to reconnaissance duty in the Vahaba system, and they soon spotted Iron Fist, leading to a full fleet engagement between the two fleets. Despite the aid of Rogriss, Iron Fist escaped the Battle of Vahaba, though damaged. However, Lara Notsil sabotaged the Star Dreadnaught, stranding it nearby, with only little support. When Solo learned of this, he brought his entire fleet in pursuit of the suddenly vulnerable Iron Fist. The result was the Battle of Selaggis.[7]

Loran flew against Iron Fist in the battle, engaging both the ship with his proton torpedoes and its complement of TIE fighters. When the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing (actually an impersonating unit organized by Zsinj rather than the loyal Imperial fighter wing) began strafing the colony ruins on Selaggis, the Rogues and Wraiths followed to engage them, and the two squadrons defeated the 181st pilots easily after realizing that half of them were explosive-packed droids. In orbit, Zsinj faked the destruction of Iron Fist, and made his escape after suffering heavy ship and starfighter losses.[7]

Shift to Intelligence[]

After the battle, Loran learned that his promotion to captain was permanent, but that New Republic Intelligence had appropriated the Wraiths, giving them the option to transfer out of Starfighter Command. Loran moved to Intelligence, staying as leader, and many of his comrades joined him.[7] At some point, Loran shaved his head, and added a false scar to prevent enemies from identifying him. He also came to have the nickname, or call sign, of "Poster Boy" within Wraith Squadron.[8]

In 13 ABY, Loran participated in a Wraith Squadron mission on Ryvester. There, he posed as a smuggler named "Captain Hachat" offering to split a priceless treasure, The Palace of Piethet Brighteyes, to Imperial admiral Kosh Teradoc. In his Hachat identity, Loran met with Teradoc at a club outside Teradoc's base. Teradoc was accompanied by a gemologist named Mulus Cheems, who had formerly worked with Teradoc but had been subverted by the Wraiths. When Loran presented Teradoc with a jewel-encrusted artifact, Cheems authenticated it. Teradoc attempted to double-cross Loran, but the Wraiths were well-prepared for this eventuality. Loran signaled his teammates stationed around the club and they immediately started a diversion in the form of a fake Imperial Navy raid. Teradoc attempted to fire on Loran, but he created a cover to escape with a noxious smoke blast concealed in his beverage. He then exited the club along with the rest of the Wraiths and Cheems. Escaping in a speeder, they made their way to a nearby marina, where they stole Teradoc's yacht and departed. Teradoc had taken the ostensibly priceless artifact back to his base and private vault, unaware that it was actually a sophisticated explosive device. When its pressure sensors detected it was sufficiently underground, the bomb exploded, destroying Teradoc and his research labs containing plague viruses, toxins, and a sonic project designed to destroy lightsaber crystals. Their mission accomplished, Loran and the Wraiths treated themselves to the provisions on Teradoc's yacht as they departed Ryvester.[3]

Yuuzhan Vong invasion[]


Loran during the Yuuzhan Vong War

"I hate this job."
―Garik Loran on Vong-occupied Coruscant[9]

In 25 ABY, the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, rapidly seizing numerous worlds.[10] During the first few years of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Loran led the squadron in efforts to break through Vong-held territory along a frontier stretching from Vortex to Bimmisaari. Loran also participated in a search for the vessel that had captured and carried the Myrkr strike team into Vong territory. Not privy to the plan behind intentionally allowing the team to be captured, he was called off the search after getting too close to the truth, much to his displeasure.[11]

Loran led the Wraiths' evacuation of Wedge Antilles' wife, Iella, and daughters, Syal and Myri, from Coruscant before they could be captured by the Yuuzhan Vong during their seizure of the planet. Escaping Coruscant, the squad traveled to Borleias where Loran delivered Antilles' family to Antilles, who had retaken the planet. The Wraiths then assisted Antilles' efforts to repel the Yuuzhan Vong from the jungle world. Loran and the Wraiths were soon assigned to assist Jedi Master Luke Skywalker with planning a mission to Coruscant's surface to investigate visions the Jedi had been experiencing. Loran and the other Wraiths had a good time of pulling the Jedi Master's leg throughout the mission briefing and also provided the infiltration and insertion equipment needed for the mission, including orbital insertion pods, fake Yuuzhan Vong armor, and camouflaged probe droids. The infiltration party, which also included two other Jedi, Mara Jade Skywalker and Tahiri Veila, along with scientist Danni Quee, was ferried to Coruscant by the transport Record Time. They ejected out of its cargo bay and rode down to the surface in their insertion pods along with other debris to avoid detection.[8]

On Coruscant, Loran and the others examined the extent of the Vongforming done to the planet while Skywalker and the other Jedi investigated the emanations of the dark side they had sensed on the fallen capital. They found that the planet's orbit, flora, and atmosphere had all been altered, including the creation of foul smelling air created by the decomposition of millions of dead bodies. Loran aided the team by providing perfume-soaked rags, but the sights and sounds of the devastated capital were still evident, and the team realized that the world was permanently changed.[9]

When they first encountered Yuuzhan Vong warriors up close, Loran was scouting a bridge between two buildings when a party of Yuuzhan Vong appeared. He attempted to bluff his way past them with his knowledge of Yuuzhan Vong culture and language, but the Yuuzhan Vong warriors grew hostile, although unaware of their true nature and identity. Between the combat skills of the Jedi and an explosive from Kell Tainer, the infiltrators killed all of them before the warriors could raise an alarm. Later, they made contact with survivors on Coruscant, a group known as the Walkway Collective. Loran was one of two Wraiths ordered to accompany the two Skywalkers to meet the collective. From these survivors, the Wraiths and Jedi learned of Lord Nyax, a deranged, cybernetically altered Dark Jedi roaming through the Coruscant undercity.[9]

During one of many scouting expeditions, Loran and Veila located an air-purifying station. After further investigation, Skywalker revealed that the devourer tank in the purifying station concealed an entrance to a hidden laboratory. Exploring it and examining the droids within, they found that the laboratory had originally been used to alter Nyax to beyond human norms, and that he had begun his killing spree there. While Quee, Wraith operative Bhindi Drayson, and the Skywalkers investigated the laboratory, Loran had the exits marked and assigned Tainer to stand watch. Since the laboratory was abandoned and had access to fresh air, the party used it as a temporary base. Loran and Tainer also set up numerous holocams on the surface to collect astronomical observations. Loran and Skywalker also ventured out on numerous expeditions to find working vehicles. During this time, Tainer and Loran got into a contest of endurance to see who would admit discomfort wearing their Yuuzhan Vong guises first, while the rest of the party had largely ceased wearing them. On one such excursion, Loran and Drayson were investigating a computer in a building that had been a Starfighter Command recruiting office when Skywalker saw Lord Nyax from afar. They left the building hastily, and it was overrun by a group of haggard Coruscant survivors who ransacked the place. Loran suggested using snipers to take out Nyax, but Luke disagreed and overruled him.[9]

The second time they confronted the Dark Jedi, the Skywalkers, Veila, Tainer, and Loran found workers under Nyax's mental control attacking Yuuzhan Vong warriors and repairing a construction droid. While the Jedi engaged Nyax, Loran and Tainer captured Viqi Shesh, a treacherous senator who was accompanying the Yuuzhan Vong, and took a vehicle locator from her. However, she escaped when the construction droid activated and began plowing its way through the cityscape to the remains of the old Jedi Temple. Under orders from Skywalker Loran followed the droid, resisting Nyax's mental commands, and avoiding the low-flying coralskippers. His persistence helped guide the Jedi to the droid's location in their hunt for Nyax. After the three Jedi approached Nyax for a final encounter at the site of the ruined temple, Loran returned to the Ugly Truth, a workable transport that Tainer had found by following Shesh's vehicle locator. The two blasted the ship free from its hiding place and picked up the others, escaping back to Borleias in time for the conclusion of the siege that had been taking place there.[9]

In 29 ABY, a mission on Chashima to investigate a new Yuuzhan Vong creature under development called comm-buzzers, which could trace comlink signals, led to the death of longtime Wraith Squadron member Hohass Ekwesh as well as Estoric Sandskimmer. Loran attempted to assuage the grief of the mission's survivor, Voort saBinring, who had been close friends with Ekwesh, but even when Loran tried to tell him that Ekwesh's death had not been in vain, saBinring's grief led him to quit the unit.[3]

Later, the Wraiths, including Loran, took part in the Battle of Obroa-skai in an attempt to kill Yuuzhan Vong Supreme Overlord Shimrra Jamaane, where the Wraiths' stealthed ships helped jam yammosk war coordinators, leading to the destruction of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet, though Shimrra wasn't there.[12] Loran also participated in the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar, the final battle of the war, joining up with Shamed Ones and resistance units on the planet's surface. Ultimately, the newly formed Galactic Alliance defeated the Yuuzhan Vong, bringing the conflict to a close.[5]

Retirement and reformation[]

"I'm putting the Wraiths back together again…and the government doesn't know a thing about it."
―Garik Loran to Voort saBinring[3]

Loran continued to serve in Galactic Alliance Intelligence for years after the war, eventually attaining the rank of general. He also married Dia Passik, adopting her daughter Adra Passik. However, following the Second Galactic Civil War in 40 ABY, Loran was part of a purge of the intelligence services instituted by new Chief of State Natasi Daala. The Wraiths were disbanded and Loran was forced into an early retirement, which was much to his disliking.[3]

In 44 ABY, after the replacement of the Daala administration, Loran was asked by the head of Galactic Alliance Security, General Borath Maddeus, to investigate the chief of the Galactic Alliance Army, General Stavin Thaal, who was under suspicion of being part of the Lecersen Conspiracy. The conspiracy had nearly destabilized the Galactic Alliance during the recent Lost Tribe of Sith emergence. Maddeus had asked Loran to put together a new Wraith team discreetly and unofficially to investigate Thaal, and Loran agreed. Maddeus supplied him with a hyperdrive-equipped space yacht, Quarren Eye, and Loran began his efforts.[3]

Befitting his long and storied career as an intelligence officer, Loran took extra precautions when establishing his new Wraiths. Suspicious of Quarren Eye, he never revealed his true plans or the identities of his new Wraiths over its communication systems, instead only transmitting the details of a fake unit over its systems. He also put together two different Wraith Squadron teams who were kept isolated and unaware of the other's existence while he tasked them with investigating Thaal from different angles. Both teams were led by veteran Wraiths, with Loran recruiting his old colleagues from the Yuuzhan Vong War Sharr Latt to lead one team and Bhindi Drayson to lead the other team. Loran also personally flew to Ayceezee to persuade one of the original Wraith Squadron members, the now-retired Voort saBinring, to join Drayson's team. saBinring was reluctant to rejoin the unit after his experience on Chashima, but Loran convinced him he was needed.[3]

The two returned to Coruscant in disguise, where Loran put saBinring in contact with one of Drayson's Wraiths, Myri Antilles, the daughter of his old unit commander Wedge Antilles. Loran helped set up a heist that Drayson's team were arranging as part of their investigation, depositing a thoroughly unprepared saBinring into the situation and then leaving to handle his own affairs. He remained on Coruscant and met with Thaal's ex-wife, Zehrinne Thaal. She revealed to him that she and Thaal were all but divorced after an unfruitful marriage and the estranged ex-wife informed him that Thaal was adulterous and had had several mistresses, all younger women. Loran obtained their names from Zehrinne Thaal and learned that the latest mistress Keura Fallatte, had disappeared recently. He returned home and forwarded the information to the Wraiths covertly, while sending a fake report through the Quarren Eye. His work completed for the moment, he enjoyed time with his wife and daughter, though favored ordering out for dinner instead of cooking that evening.[3]

Loran later went to visit one of his assets, a Bothan lieutenant named Davian who worked in the Galactic Alliance Navy. The officer obtained for him the cargo manifests of a series of naval cargo vessels that had disappeared over the years. Loran learned that all the missing vessels had a HyperTech Industries communications device, typically a hypercomm, on board. Given that one of the new Wraiths under Drayson, Jesmin Tainer, had once investigated the missing vessels, Loran found this interesting. However, he also used the occasion to swipe Davian's datapad while persuading him to keep his findings secret until the Wraiths could uncover the heart of the matter. Loran used this datapad to plant credentials for a fake Imperial identity that Drayson's Wraiths were using to try and lure out Thaal's conspirators.[3]

Not long afterward, while flying in his airspeeder, Loran found himself being followed by another vehicle. He landed in an open-air market to elude his pursuit, who quickly landed and followed him, revealing themselves to be a Sullustan and an Aqualish. Loran maintained a pretense of shopping, acquiring the necessary items to furnish an impromptu decoy to distract the Aqualish, who revealed himself to be intent on murder when he knifed the decoy. Realizing his danger, Loran slew the Sullustan and broke contact even as the Aqualish revealed himself. Throwing a recently acquired toy lightsaber as a diversion, Loran raced forward and fatally stabbed his opponent. Retreating to his speeder, Loran asked the droid brain he had installed if the vehicle had been tampered with. It had been, so Loran cut himself to leave genetic evidence of his presumed death, and then ditched the vehicle, having the droid brain fly it off where it exploded soon after thanks to the sabotage. Loran went to ground, informing his wife and daughter and some other associates to warn them. His wife shot the man who had sabotaged his speeder and then Loran and his family went into hiding after disposing of the body.[3]

Loran learned that search-and-kill orders had gone out for the fake Wraiths he had established over Quarren Eye, most of whom were fictitious or dead. Realizing that this implicated Maddeus, who had contacted him in the first place, Loran investigated the head of security. After the two Wraith teams under Latt and Drayson linked up and then exposed and captured Thaal, Loran knew it had reached the endgame. He knew that Thaal had escaped detention thanks to the help of his co-conspirator Maddeus and confronted Maddeus inside his office, but did not immediately let on that he knew of Maddeus' involvement. Loran revealed that he knew Thaal and Maddeus were comrades from the Yuuzhan Vong War and although Maddeus initially denied the allegations, he soon confessed. Maddeus was undeterred and when "General Thaal" appeared with weapon in hand, was prepared to burn down Loran. Maddeus revealed that he had concealed Thaal one level down from his office, at which point "Thaal" was revealed to be a Wraith in disguise and aimed his weapon at Maddeus instead. Maddeus and Thaal were taken into custody, their conspiracy to set up their private empire dismantled by Wraith Squadron.[3]

He then met at length with the new Chief of State, Wynn Dorvan, and explained his recent activities, though he omitted the names of the new Wraiths. For his efforts, he was rewarded with Maddeus' old job, which he accepted. His wife made him promise that he would stop his spying and shooting and stick to his new desk job. Loran also pointed out that the new Wraiths could continue as an unofficial asset of the intelligence service, which they accepted, installing saBinring as the new unit leader.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Loran bore a lot of guilt for his time serving the Empire as a child actor, blaming and burdening himself with his past, and this reflected in his career in the form of insubordination and insolence.[4] The stigma from his past affected him until his friend and wingman Ton Phanan convinced him to let go of the guilt, as his "debt" existed only in his mind.[6]

However, Loran did not usually let this guilt show, maintaining an actor's calm and laid-back countenance even while flying missions or delivering a eulogy.[4] This demeanor helped him remain cool and collected in harrowing situations, and he was quickly promoted to captain from flight officer for his leadership ability.[7] He was also a joker, and considered one of the two smart mouths in the Wraiths by his fellow pilots, taking great delight in numerous jibes and jests.[6] Loran took especial delight in joking around with Luke Skywalker during the Yuuzhan Vong War, and did so throughout their mission to Coruscant.[9]

As a veteran intelligence officer following the Second Galactic Civil War, Loran still used his actor's ability to convincingly portray emotions when interviewing possible assets. Loran was also a skilled operative, capable of faking his death, arranging multiple ruses, and participating in complicated plots of subterfuge. He was known to both subvert authority and suspect almost everyone, at times including his superiors. Loran did not take kindly to forced retirement, viewing it unfavorably. He was a devoted husband and father, showing great concern of his wife and daughter. To the former he promised never to make extremely angry and when the latter started dating, he figured that if he'd had hair left at that point, it would have been grayed by those events.[3]


Loran was considered one of the most attractive human males in his youth, and young female hearts across the galaxy were allegedly broken by rumors of his death. He would continue to use his recognition and childhood fame throughout his career.[4]

Dia Passik[]

Dia Passik

Dia Passik, Loran's Wraith Squadron girlfriend

"Just before I fell asleep, I knew that you would not let anyone hurt me. You would not even let me hurt myself. And in that moment I knew myself safe, for the first time since I was a child."
―Dia Passik to Garik Loran[6]

Dia Passik was a member of the Wraiths recruited after the destruction of Implacable. She was initially hostile to Loran, resisting his attempts to charm her, but eventually fell for the Lorrdian pilot. The two developed a relationship, especially after he prevented her from committing suicide. The relationship was beneficial to both of them, helping Passik relax with her new unit and enabling Loran to become more open towards his fellow pilots while recovering from the death of Phanan.[6] By 44 ABY, Loran and Passik had married. Loran adopted Passik's daughter Adra and was devoted to his new family, showing great concern when they were placed in danger.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Garik Loran was created by Aaron Allston for his four Wraith Squadron books. Allston has said on his website that the Face Loran/Ton Phanan pairing is one of his favorite for humorous potential.[13] According to Allston, Loran was inspired by the famous silent-film actor John Barrymore, who was known as "The Great Profile." Although not official, Allston considers Loran to be 24 in 7.5 ABY at the inception of Wraith Squadron. Allston also considers Loran's relative lack of advancement in rank by the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War to be due to his largely unofficial status as a secret intelligence asset.[13] Allston has also said that he considers the relationship between Loran and Passik to not endure and they would amicably part ways.[13] By X-Wing: Mercy Kill, Passik and Loran are married but the fact that Passik's daughter Adra is Loran's adoptive daughter suggests they split for a time.


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