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Garlic was a type of food.[1] In 0 ABY,[3] when the human rebel operative Luke Skywalker was repairing the Desert Jewel, the starship of the cryptologist Drusil Bephorin, Bephorin brought him bowls of noodles in a broth made from peanuts and garlic. As Skywalker attempted to use the Force to lift his fork from the bowl, he could smell the garlic and peanuts of the broth. However, he became distracted by the yelling of the human Nakari Kelen and dropped the fork, spilling the broth all over himself.[1] In 34 ABY,[4] the snack food Galma Garlic Puffed Cheese Chips, which contained garlic, was sold at Jat Kaa's Coolers in the settlement Black Spire Outpost on the world of Batuu.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Garlic first appeared in the new Star Wars canon in the 2015 novel Heir to the Jedi, authored by Kevin Hearne.[1] In the Star Wars Legends continuity, garlic was introduced in the 1993 reference book Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas, written by Bob Carrau.[5] Lucasfilm employee Leland Chee, who maintains the Holocron continuity database, has indicated that information contained in Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas is non-canonical[6] with respect to Star Wars Legends.[7] Garlic would later be made fully canon in Legends after its mention in The New Rebellion, a 1996 novel written by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.[8] In the real world, garlic is a bulbous plant used in cooking.[9]



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