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Garn was a desolate world of craggy rocks and dead trees shrouded in a dense yellow fog.


An ancient world during the Kymoodon Era, Garn was a desolate world dotted by ruins from a bygone era of fertility and prosperity. In the final days of the Pius Dea Crusades, the planet Garn was home to a dying civilization clustered into small towns of prefabricated homes. The site of a crash-landing by a Cathedral ship, the world attracted the attention of exiled Jedi Master Carel Kapekos and his following of sixty-six Pius Dea Jedi. Arriving shortly after the Cathedral ship's crash, the Jedi rescued the trapped crew and the group formed a new Force tradition of Shamans. Rumors began to swirl around Garn, with stories of it being haunted by the wraith of Xendor circulating.[2]

Several millennia ago, the planet was laid to waste by the Jedi Order who strove to eliminate the Order of the Terrible Glare for their role during the Pius Dea Crusades.

Luke Skywalker went to the planet on Obi-Wan Kenobi's advice and discovered a trove of Jedi armor as well as the Portal Desolate and the soul snares used to hold Jedi spirits. After Skywalker defeated the last surviving member of the Order, a High Shaman known as Rur, he was able to free the spirits of the dead Jedi at last.

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