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"The sun has risen. Let the hunt begin."

Garnac was a Trandoshan male big game hunter who ran a hunting guild comprised of other Trandoshans, including his son Dar. Specializing conductions of hunts on the moon Wasskah, Garnac's guild would kidnap other sentient beings and bring them to one of Wasskah's islands, where they would be released and mercilessly hunted by the Trandoshans.

During the Clone Wars, in 20 BBY,[5] one of the guild members, Lo-Taren, captured the Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano and brought her to Wasskah. Tano killed Dar during his first hunt, which greatly enraged the Trandoshan leader, who swore vengeance on Tano. Garnac ended up successfully tracking the set of Jedi companions and killed the previously captured Jedi youngling Kalifa.[4] Tano struck back a little later with the help of two other younglings and the Wookiee Chewbacca, where they attacked Garnac's floating fortress. Wookiee reinforcements arrived on the Zabrak bounty hunter Sugi's ship, the Halo, after receiving a transmission via a transmitter constructed by Chewbacca, and Garnac engaged Tano in combat amidst the ensuing chaos. The Trandoshan hunting leader was eventually thrown to the lower deck.[6] However, he survived the fall.[7]

Between 19 BBY and 18 BBY,[8] following the reformation of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire, Garnac came to the planet of Serolonis. There, he associated with Grini Millegi, a Dowutin gangster sponsoring the Nosaurian riot racer Jet Venim in the Safa Toma Classic.[9]

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