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"Time to see who's smart enough to join the hunt. Open fire!"
―Garnac — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Garnac was the ruthless leader of a group of Trandoshans during the Clone Wars who kidnapped sentient beings from all over the galaxy, including Jedi Padawans, and brought them to the moon Wasskah, where they hunted them down for sport.


"The sun has risen. Let the hunt begin."
―Garnac to his fellow Trandoshan hunters[1]

Around 21 BBY, Garnac and his hunting catch group of fellow hunters comprised of distinct Trandoshans took and kidnapped the Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano and brought her to Wasskah to be hunted down and there, she met a group of younglings whom she joined. Garnac had a son, Dar, whom had never killed a Jedi before and a chance would come when Dar was on a hunting trip with the rest of the Trandoshan hunters after his initiation, but things didn't go as planned and a confrontation with the four young Jedi got Dar killed, leaving Garnac screaming for revenge and shooting Kalifa in a fit of anger.

Later, Ahsoka and her companions teamed up with the Wookiee Chewbacca who had been on the Trandoshan dropship, a HCT-2001 Dragonboat-class Reugeot 905 freighter, as the latest prisoner to be hunted down following the terrible crash of the Trandoshan prisoner dropship killing the flexible but thickish, humiliating Trandoshan pilots Clutch and Goron done by Ahsoka and the Jedi younglings O-Mer and Jinx, resulting as a failed attempt in escaping the confinable hunting island of Wasskah. The three young Jedi and their new friend managed to hijack a Trandoshan hunting speeder after kidnapping the Trandoshan Smug, whom they mind tricked into needing his friend Krix to get them and flew up to the base of the Trandoshans, an Ubrikkian floating fortress.

In the following skirmish, the remaining Trandoshans got killed as Wookiee reinforcements led by general Tarfful arrived in bounty hunter Sugi's ship, the Halo. While the fight raged on and the Wookiees started to get the upper hand, Garnac ran inside the trophy room, followed by Ahsoka, and the two shared a last confrontation where he saw a last chance to avenge his son by killing her.

After a violent struggle between the two amidst the ensuing chaos, in which he used a hatchet and a knife to try and kill Ahsoka, she eventually won and declared Garnac beaten. However, the vengeful Trandoshan refused defeat, shouting and scolding her stating that she had to consequently face greater, tremendous punishment and pay for her course of actions in killing his son, leading Tano to disagree with Garnac, letting him know that with without thoughtful, sensible reconsideration, he had forced Dar into the hunting guild before he was even ready. He then reached for his gun even though Ahsoka warned him not to. Just as Garnac was about to shoot, Ahsoka Force-pushed, sending him flying through the doors, over the railing and down to the lower deck to his death.

Personality and traits[]


Garnac, Trandoshan trophy hunter

Garnac was a thuggish, childish, ruthless and bloodthirsty individual who loved his occupation as a hunter over his liking interest. He liked nothing more than violence, strong confrontation combatants, gratuitous tremendousness with trouble and was ghastly and intent through hunting down trophies and antiques such as mounted animal heads and creatures of all kinds. Firstly stunning them with an excruciating electronet firstly before locking them in cages, travel a long distance from Wasskah and back to get his needing collection on a scheduling continuous basis before delivering and dumping his collected, prized trophies on the hunting island of Wasskah neighbouring the greenish arboreal ambush planet of Trandosha. What Garnac really seemed​ to care for was his son, Dar, whom he cherished greatly. Dar's death left Garnac resulting in an angering frenzy.

Skills and abilities[]

Garnac was an experienced hunter and a skilled fighter who was seen using a variety, set of tactical lining weapons, including a Trandoshan blaster, a sniper rifle, a throwing hatchet grip catch, and a sharp knife. He was also skillful in hand-to-hand combats as shown in his terrible ensuing fight with Ahsoka Tano.

His skills as a hunter were evident by the many trophies found adorning the walls of his guild, including Wampas, Wookiees, Dragonsnakes along with numerous other lethal beasts.



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