"When the Jedi Order began, I saw we must be dedicated to peace. To calming our emotions, and ending war across the galaxy. If we fought, it should only be in self-defence. That is the founding principle of civilization."
―Garon Jard[src]

Garon Jard was a male Human Jedi Master who was among the founding members of the Jedi Order.


A Force-sensitive Human, Garon Jard was one of the founders of the Jedi Order. He espoused the ideas that the Jedi should seek galactic peace, and focus on self-defense, but also understood that it was necessary to take arms to come to the aid of those weaker, all the while being aware of the consequences of aggressive actions on oneself and history.[1] Together with Master Rajivari, he was know to gather Jedi in week-long convocations aimed at increasing the Order's wisdom, and improving it's defense against the dark side of the Force. This kind of gathering was one of the earliest form of Jedi Council.[3]


Following the Great Galactic War and the resurgence of the Sith Empire, a hologram of Master Jard was discovered on the ancestral Jedi homeworld Tython when the Order relocated from Coruscant. His was the first hologram reclaimed from the Tythonian Gnarls.[1]



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