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Garos IV was a planet in the Mid Rim, the fourth world in the Garos system. Located near the Nyarikan Nebula, it was somewhat isolated from outside contact and its inhabitants were a tough, self-reliant people.[3] It was the homeworld of Imperial officers Brenn and Dellis Tantor,[11] and the adopted homeworld of New Republic Captain Alexandra Winger.[2]

In the Post-Imperial era, the planet was best known for the University of Garos, whose database of secret Imperial files were available for academic study.[9]


Garos IV.

Orbited by two moons, Garos IV was a pleasant world of forests, mountains and oceans. Its population was concentrated on a single continent in three major centers: the waterfront resort town Zila, located on the shores of the Locura Ocean; the manufacturing seat and agricultural breadbasket Garan, situated on the Salc River, near the Morcur Valley; and the capital city Ariana.[3] South of the capital lay the Tahika Cliffs, an impressive mountain range from which the Locura Ocean could be seen. The Old Currahen Highway connected Ariana and Garan. An Imperial mining center complex was established at Mount Usca, which lay on a cape where the Locura Ocean and Cabalia Sea met and could be accessed via the Currahen Crossroad. The planet's spaceport lay on the outskirts of Ariana.[9]

Garos IV was largely self-sufficient, so fluctuations in the economy of the New Republic did not have much impact on it.[9]


In 25,000 BBY, a Ssi-ruuk vessel with an experimental hyperdrive crashed on the planet.[12] In approximately 4000 BBY, Garos IV was colonized by Humans.[3] At an unknown date, colonists from the neighboring planet of Sundari began migrating en masse to Garos IV. Tensions grew between the Garosians and the Sundari until war later erupted between the two worlds.[2] The conflict raged for generations, with at least one intermission.[13] By 87 BBY, the conflict had recommenced.

Sometime between 46 BBY and 44 BBY, the Garosians first began to enter the service of the Galactic Republic.[6]

Garos IV allowed Refugee Relief Movement settlement in 22 BBY, shortly before the First Battle of Geonosis.[7] Garos IV was the site of a victory for the Confederacy of Independent Systems over the Republic during the early stages of the Clone Wars.[8] The planet was in Separatist space until an unknown point before the Outer Rim Sieges.[10]

Sometime before 12 BBY, Garosian politician Tork Winger and Sundari engineer Tionthes Turi negotiated a truce between the warring factions of the Garosian Civil War. Even as peace negotiations began, violations of the truce took place, including the Whahalla Massacre and the assassination of peace advocate West Haslip and his wife.[6]

By 6 BBY, the Galactic Empire began to take a greater interest in the Garos system. The Empire quickly put an end to the conflict, executing hundreds of activists on both sides. Once peace had been enforced, Winger was appointed as the Imperial governor of the planet.[6] Most of the Imperial forces later left Garos IV, with the chief Imperial presence maintained at a garrison and a mining center complex on the western shoreline of the main continent dedicated to mining hibridium. The hibridium mined from Garos IV was used in the development of new cloaking devices.[2]

In 4 ABY, the site of the failed Ssi-ruuvi Hyperdrive system was found.[12]

Garosian resistance destroys an AT-ST.

After the planet's subjugation, an insurgency, the Committee of Seven for Garosian Unification, had emerged on Garos IV.[2] The Battle of Endor caused the Garosian resistance to believe they would soon be rid of the Empire, but the Imperial forces instead stepped up their efforts to quarry the planet's hibridium. Taking advantage of support from Alexandra Winger, the adopted daughter of the Imperial Governor, the resistance undertook a number of actions against the Imperial garrison, including ambushes on hibridium convoys and attacks aimed at the Imperial mining facility.[3]

During a rescue operation to Sarahwiee following the Thrawn campaign, Alexandra Winger met Luke Skywalker, who alerted the New Republic to the planet's situation. The New Republic subsequently sent a fleet to liberate Garos IV.[3] Aware of the impending invasion, the Empire sent Dark Jedi Jaalib Brandl to evacuate Imperial dignitaries.[14] In the subsequent battle, the Garosian resistance supported the New Republic. The planet itself suffered little damage in the brief conflict. Garos IV joined the New Republic after the battle.[9]

The Imperial forces that evacuated the world failed to destroy numerous classified documents. These files were maintained by the University of Garos. Scholars used the secret Imperial files to complete studies on the Empire.[9] The influx of scholars increased the school's reputation and prompted the university to expand. An economic boom followed, while Garos IV appeared on numerous lists of desirable planets to live on.[9]

Sometime between 26 ABY and 27 ABY, the Yuuzhan Vong conquered the world during their invasion of the galaxy.[10]

By 137 ABY, Garos IV was within space controlled by Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire.[10]



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