Garowyn was a Nightsister from the Great Canyon Clan on Dathomir. She captained a shuttle named the Shadow Chaser and was tasked with using it to ferry supplies and recruits for the Shadow Academy.


Though the short, petite, and powerfully-built Nightsister was considered to be one of the Great Canyon Clan's most accomplished members, Garowyn shunned the dress of a typical Nightsister, instead preferring the lizard-skin armor and hairstyle of a traditional Dathomiri warrior. She had the bearing of someone who did not make concessions often. A young man belonging to the Great Canyon Clan named Vilas was secretly in love with her, but she either did not know or did not care.

Garowyn was incredibly proud of her status as the pilot of the Shadow Chaser, which she used to deliver supplies to the Great Canyon Clan and ferry new recruits to the Shadow Academy. She would often expound upon the many features of the ship, treating Shadow Academy recruits to personal tours of the state-of-the-art craft. She used the time afforded by the transit through hyperspace to test those who had been selected by the clan to go to the space station.

On one particularly eventful day, Garowyn made her usual supply run to Dathomir and after unloading her cargo picked up two new recruits: a young warrior-woman and her slave, a middle-aged man.

En route to the Shadow Academy, Garowyn decided to test the new students. They both rebelled and used the Force to throw her into one of the Shadow Chaser's escape pods. Garowyn was launched into space while the two of them hijacked the Shadow Chaser.

Because each escape pod carried by the Shadow Chaser was capable of broadcasting a distress signal on a special frequency that only could be decrypted at the Shadow Academy, it was not long before Garowyn was found and retrieved. She would later be sent to the undercity of Coruscant in order to help Tamith Kai and Vilas fill the ranks of the Second Imperium during the Raid on Coruscant.

When on route to Kashyyyk, Garowyn admitted that her main priority was the recovery of the Shadow Chaser. She did attempt to reclaim it, but the ship was disabled for repairs. She fought against Jaina Solo and Chewbacca, and was knocked off the landing platform into the lower levels of the planet to her death.[1] Her loss was remarked on by Tamith Kai.



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