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Garr was a Exargan who was one of Boba Fett's acquaintances from shortly after the Conquest of Raxus Prime, which happened a month after the First Battle of Geonosis.


Garr's mother and father lived on the mining planet of Excarga and were ore traders. When the Confederacy of Independent Systems tried to take control of the mines during the First Battle of Excarga, Garr's parents hid Garr while they themselves were made prisoners, and the child wasn't found until the Republic counterattacked in the Second Battle of Excarga. As Garr's parents were assumed dead, Garr became an orphan and travelled with the Republic on the ship Candaserri to an orphanage on Bespin. Garr believed that its parents were still alive and would someday come to claim their child.


Garr was born in 32 BBY and belonged to the Exargan species.

Raised to respect the Jedi, Garr wished even to be Force-sensitive.

Garr was Boba Fett's friend from the time when Boba was saved from Raxus Prime by a group of clone troopers and a Bothan Jedi. They met on the ship Candaserri which was taking them and other orphans to Bespin. At this time Garr was 10 years old and identified as being neither male nor female.

During their time together, to avoid suspicion, Boba lived under the name of Teff, and was assumed to be an orphan too. Both children loved to explore, and their curiosity almost resulted in Boba Fett and Garr being left floating in space.

Upon arriving at Bespin, Boba tried to escape, but he was followed by Garr, who brought to Boba his flight bag that he'd forgotten. But while trying to persuade Boba to come back, they were interrupted by Aurra Sing. Garr left Boba with Aurra. Assuming, however, that Boba was in trouble, Garr sought to help rescue him by telling the Jedi at the orphanage everything. This resulted, ironically, in Boba almost losing his life.



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