"And if I ever need your services again, I will not hesitate to clone you."

Garrbo V'Droz was a male renowned as the galaxy's best architect. However, he was also very arrogant and disliked by many people because of his boastfulness, although due to his skill he was still frequently hired. At some point after the rise of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, Emperor Palpatine contracted V'Droz to construct a massive labyrinth. V'Droz designed the plans for a maze inside of Mount Tantiss on Wayland, one of Palpatine's treasure vaults. As V'Droz was showing off the maze to the Emperor after its completion, Palpatine killed him to ensure that no one else would know of the labyrinth and how to navigate it.


Garrbo V'Droz was a green-haired male with a reputation as the galaxy's best architect. V'Droz had designs across the galaxy, including on Imperial City, capital of the Galactic Empire. Though he was very arrogant and boastful, he had no trouble finding jobs because of his skill. He had a brother, who worked as a construction foreman.[1]

At some point after 19 BBY, V'Droz was contacted by Emperor Palpatine to design plans for a maze. It was to be located at the bottom of Mount Tantiss on the planet Wayland, one of Palpatine's storehouses and treasure vaults. V'Droz created blueprints for an extremely complicated maze per his employer's orders, and also placed trac-reflective material on the walls, preventing a sensor map from showing a correct way out.[1]

Palpatine was extremely pleased with V'Droz's design, and after it was finished, he traveled to Wayland to view the labyrinth. V'Droz explained its features to him, after which Palpatine told the architect that he wanted to see the maze. Though apprehensive, V'Droz agreed, and the two took a concealed stairway down to the lowest level. There, V'Droz saw many of the Emperor's treasures, such as a collection of old lightsabers. He also saw, much to his shock, the body of his brother in a tomb. V'Droz furiously questioned his employer, who replied that with V'Droz's brother—the construction foreman on the Mount Tantiss project—dead, only the two of them knew a way through the maze, and soon, only Palpatine would know of the escape. The Emperor executed V'Droz with Force lightning, promising him that if he ever needed the architect again, he would clone him.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"As you can see, the design fits your specifications perfectly."
―Garrbo V'Droz[src]

Garrbo V'Droz was a very arrogant individual. He believed that he was the best architect in the galaxy, although many others expressed this opinion as well. V'Droz often let his arrogance go to his head, and he would get carried away with boasting about his work. Though he always tried to act confident, V'Droz was frightened when Palpatine led him down to the lowest level of Mount Tantiss, a fear which proved to be justified when the Sith Lord killed him.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Garrbo V'Droz appears in The Last Command Sourcebook in a brief recollection about the construction of Palpatine's warehouse in Mount Tantiss. This story was later included in The Thrawn Trilogy Sourcebook.[1]


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