This article is about a mechanic on Tatooine. You may be looking for Garrick Hagon, the actor who portrayed Biggs Darklighter in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.
"Hey, what do I look like? An Imperial stormtrooper? I mind my own business, and I don't care what anyone else does."

Garrick was a Human male from the planet Tatooine. Garrick ran a small transmission tower known as the Mos Eisley Spaceport, as well as a small docking bay which housed several landspeeders. He was on duty when Han Solo fled Docking Bay 94 without leaving a payment.

A short time after the Battle of Endor, Garrick was visited by Han Solo and Leia Organa in the Millennium Falcon. Although initially hesitant to let Solo land in his docking bay, Organa was able to reason with the man, and they landed their ship. After Solo tried and failed to withdraw his money from a local bank, he and Organa came back to the ship to leave the world. However, their droid, R2-D2 had been stolen by local Jawas while they had been away.

Solo questioned Garrick as to the whereabouts of R2, but the man had been minding his own business, working on his landspeeders, and hadn't seen anything. Solo, still irritated over not being able to withdraw his credits, became infuriated by Garrick's attitude, and he kicked him aside. Organa and Solo then stole two of Garrick's landspeeders to search for their droid. Solo claimed that they were only taking the vehicles temporarily. Unfortunately for him, his speeders were destroyed when Han and Leia found the sandcrawler and recovered R2-D2.



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